Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Valentine's day

Valentine's day in Brazil is June 12. So I created a couple of pages with that in mind :)
Tacky but yeah, but this is our song :)

Lisa Whitney’s papers and elements from the Chalked full of fun kit. Michelle Coleman’s flowery paper from the Story of us kit. Line Prado’s scalloped template. Fonts are Charles and CK Signature.

Journaling: We were together for only 7 months when we first broke up. Alex needed some “space”. I don’t believe in that sort of thing, so we broke up. As soon as I got a new boyfriend, he changed his mind, he wanted me back. I spent the following weeks trying to convince myself he didn’t deserve me. I tried really hard. I didn’t want to suffer again. I tried, but I failed. I could not stop thinking about him, I didn’t know why. So, one day, I decided to send him an e-mail with the lyrics to the song “Still the one” by Shania Twain. We got back together that same day. Soon after we got back together, Alex decided it was time to move out of his parents’ home. So, he invited me to live with him. Mind you, we were just dating, nothing official, just “live” together. Maybe a try before you buy? I called my mom; she was a bit worried, but happy for me. She could tell I was happy. However, there were a couple of twists ahead in this story. Alex had applied for a job in Australia, and a week after we got back together he was offered a 2 year contract. What to do? We were just back together? We didn’t want to be apart again. So he just said “will you come with me?” Well, that is just not the same as “will you marry me?” so I hesitated. I think he understood my dilemma; going to live in another country with someone you met a year ago is not for everyone. So, he popped THE question “then, will you be my wife… in Australia?” and I said yes! The craziest thing I have ever done. Thinking back, the chances of our relationship not working, given our past history, were so slim. I was really crazy to do it. Crazy were also the months that followed. My mom almost had a heart attack, she barely knew Alex (even though she was the one that picked him for me – long story). My dad was almost against it, but settled soon after. Alex parents asked over and over if he was sure I was the one. We were not sure of anything but that, in that moment, we wanted to be together. So, three months later we had an engagement party, followed by our wedding a couple of days after. On the 29th September 2000 we sealed our vows in a simple banquet room of an apartment building. Simple, but you could ask anyone, it was magical. We were truly happy. That happiness lives on. We had ups and downs and moving away from everyone we loved and everything we knew only brought us closer together. Sometimes we wonder if things would have worked out if we stayed where we were and just “lived” together. But love makes us do crazy things. We got married just to be together then, and now we know we want it to be for the rest of our lives.

Michelle Coleman's stamped alpha, Story of Us kit and Grandma's attic hearts and frame (altered)


Patricia said...

Michele, seus layouts são simplesmente maravilhosos!
Adorei todos!!!
Parabéns pelo talento, querida!
Vim retribuir a visita carinhosa que fez ao meu bloguinho!
Beijocas e boa semana!
Com carinho,

Ana Paula said...

Na verdade eh 12 de junho, nao 14... hahhahaha... lindas paginas! Bjs!