Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do you like me?

DON’T answer that LOL!!! But if you are enjoying or getting inspired by my layouts jump over to the Sweet Shoppe Blog. They are lifting me this week :) You could win a gift certificate to the store just for playing ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Mom is turning 50 today, I swear she looks 40 or less, and acts 30 :) I love my mom, wish we lived closer, I miss her. I did the Flea Market Album for her, but it is not finished yet. So, I created this page to celebrate while the album is not ready (cause I wouldnt have it any other way right? gotta scrap :)

Template by Traci Reed for our blog challenge at Girl Talk.
Dani Mogstad’s Saturday Market kit;
Ultimate Stitch collection - Not so basics and
Ultimate Stitch collection - In*perfect circles.
Font is Jane Austen.

Portuguese: Cinquenta anos que você faz desse planeta um lugar melhor para se viver. Que Deus a mantenha assim, integra, companheira, carinhosa, humilde. Essa pessoa especial que você sempre foi. Te amo muito. Sua filhota, Michelle

English: Fifty years that you make this planet a better place to live. I hope God keeps you humble, righteous, reliable, kind. This special person that you have always been. I love you so much. Your daughter, Michelle

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SMJ birthday bash

Check what I have made:Guess what? SMJ is giving it FOR FREE with any purchase at her store which is ON SALE ;) how good is that? AND that is not the only freebie she is giving away (but it is the most important because I made it, you see? LOL)

Anyway, some eye candy from her new kits:

Monday, August 20, 2007


They have a new blog over at the Lilypad and to celebrate they had a challenge. Guess who won a $10GC? I absolutely love the layout I did for the challenge, seriously:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

CT work and actual family news

Fun news on the scrapping side of life (after all, now, that is what this blog is all about, right? LOL) Most of what I have been doing for SMJ I can’t tell you because it is a secret ;) (products not released yet) but I think you are going to LOVE it :) but on the news I can tell you: I have joined Amanda Heinman’s creative team. I have joined Amanda Heimann’s creative team. Two of my team mates from Scrapblog have joined Amanda’s team as well, Mic and Ana Calabresi, how cool is that? and Amanda herself is on Traci Reed’s creative team with me, and there are lots of other scrappers in the team I really admire, so it is a good group of people I KNOW :) Amanda is so talented; I feel there will be loads of fun ahead :) Here is my first eye candy for her:

(click image for credits and journaling)

So, as you can see, Lucas turned 9 months… 9 months? Now he has officially existed more time outside me, wow! I don’t understand why time is just disappearing like that, is it because I am at home with the kids? It sure feels I have not achieved anything tangible at the end of day, except when I do housework, which doesn’t help either if you think tomorrow there will another loud of laundry to do. Well at the end of the day, I have happy kids, I think that is all that matters, don’t you agree? :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Layout of the week

My layout "saudade" was chosen Layout of the Week at the Sweet Shoppe Blog, what a nice surprise :) I made this layout to celebrate Father's day(in Brazil) over at Scrapblog and it is very special to me. My sweet grandfather passed away 4 years ago and I miss him so much it feels like I should create a whole album about him! (but I don't think I have enough pics for that!) Here is a closer look at the layout:

Spinning Amy Pearson's Fidgets Spring.

Saudade is a word in Portuguese that is used to describe what we feel when we miss someone.

The translation goes something like this: My grandfather was the love of my life! Truly the person for whom I had the greatest affection. I was the first grandchild, I could feel I also had a special place in his heart. When he got sick and this crazy teenager came to spend the nights with him at the hospital, we truly bonded. I was that little girl again, but this time I was the one caring for him. He taught me to cherish life, to enjoy the moments, the simple things. I feel so blessed to have shared my life with him, and still I miss him so much it hurts. But I know he is watching over me and rejoicing on my happiness and that one day... one day I will see him again.

Journaling: Meu avô era o amor da minha vida! A pessoa por quem eu mais sentia carinho. Eu fui a primeira neta, e sentia que eu também tinha um lugarzinho especial no coração dele. Quando ele ficou doente e eu adolescente doida passava as noites com ele no hospital, parecia que tínhamos voltado aquele relacionamento sincero de quando eu era pequenininha. Mas dessa vez, quem estava cuidando era eu. Ele me ensinou a amar a vida, a curtir cada momento, as coisas simples do dia-a-dia. Eu me sinto abençoada por ter dividido minha vida com ele, mas mesmo assim a saudade dói. Mas eu sei que ele está me vendo lá do céu, e cuidando de mim, e feliz de ver a minha família, os bisnetos, e que um dia... um dia vamos todos nos reunir.

Dani Mogstad’s Sk8r Girl Alpha.
Dani Mogstad’s Saturday Market kit.
Font is Jane Austen.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

County Fair

New kit by Dani :)

My page with it:

Five in a Row

Tagged by the Sweet Shoppe Blog LOL
1. Name one thing you do everyday. Think about food (LOL sad inst it?)
2. Name two things you wish you could learn. I wish I could learn Japanese and I wish I could learn to manage my time better.
3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood. My late grandpa, dogs and swimming.
4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do. Whooper with cheese, banana split, brigadeiro (brazilian chocolate balls) and pumpkin :)
5. Name five things that make you feel good. My kids' smile, cuddles with hubby, scrapping, napping at odd times, helping people.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I am hosting a new challenge over at the Hawt mama team blog.

Challenge requirements:
Scrap a page with the word PLAY as your title.
Use an alpha on your title.
Have at least one black and white picture.
Use something RED on your page.

and this is what I came up with:
Love it :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Saturday Market

Saturday Market is a new kit by Dani Mogstad:

Can you tell I am having fun with it? ;)

Friday, August 3, 2007


Did this layout for the DigiDare this week:
I am happy with my scrapping lately, not the pages, the hobby :)
My scrapping life started with Shabby Princess, the second designer I ever bought anything from was Shabby Miss Jenn and then it was Gina Cabrera. You know how hard it is to buy your first kits, you are not sure what you are getting you are not sure what to do with it. With goodies from these ladies I never regreted a single purchase. Thinking back it would have been better if I was disappointed so I would spend soo much LOL!
Anyway, all of this just to let you know I am guest CT for Shabby Miss Jenn this month :) wooooooooohooot :)
Here is some eye candy I already did with some new goodies:Click on layouts for credits :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Renewed love

I was so scared when I noticed my kids were sick that I almost freaked out. Went to the doctors only to be told: hey, calm down, it is a cold, it is viral, nothing you can do, just ride it out. They have no infection so no antibiotics for them but I should be relieved about that, not upset I can’t give them anything! Guess what? They are doing much better than I anticipated, they are sick, yes, but they are still smiley happy kids with their moments. Today I just really really lived for them, just went from cuddling one to cuddling the other and it was great. Yes, I didn’t get to scrap and there is loads of housework now, but it was well worth it, they are feeling better, and I am feeling better :)
This is a little quickpage from Shabby Miss Jenn. I was going to let you know she was having a CT call but by the time I finished sending her an e-mail she had to close the call, I knew she would be overwhelmed with replies, it is one awesome opportunity :)

Better go get some scraping done, I still need to do this week’s digidare :)

ETA: OMG, did I just read AUGUST!!!!!!!!!???????? Where did half the year go????