Saturday, July 28, 2007

Worse than being sick

There is just one thing that can be worse than the week I just had.
One thing worse than a very sore body, feeling cold, having hot flushes, nausea, a crazy headache, terribly sore throat accompanied by a dreadful cough, and an overall feeling that you were hit by a truck......... and that thing is the realisation that your kids got the virus that just kept you wishing to stay in bed for the previous week.
I am not even 100% yet, not even close, just the thought that my little babies are going through a fraction of what I have just been through is VERY upsetting.
I know that, if you are a mom, you will relate to this: I would give anything to change places with them, I would give ANYTHING to be able to suffer through all of that again, so my kids don’t have to..... but alas… I don’t have that power.
Now I just have to put on a brave face, so they won’t see how much I am upset to see them so sick, and hope for the best...

Monday, July 23, 2007

new blog banner

what do you think of it?
I mentioned before I was feeling weird about all the scrapbooking news here since it was supposed to be the family blog. Since I found out my mom and my MIL don’t actually read this, I certainly gave up on the “family blog” idea. However, I am too lazy to try and create another blog so, I will keep using this blog for my scrapbooking news. Just thought a new blog banner might help my “identity crisis” LOL

Anyway, the banner was inspired on this layout I did for the DigiDare:

Click on image for credits

Do you think my new blog banner is too busy? I am such a clutter bug ain’t I? The banner started off as just the title in plain “stamped” alpha, but I could not resist :) opinions welcome :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sue Cummings & Mitia Assef

I have joined two new creative teams. Sue Cummings & Mitia Assef.

Mitia Assef is a new brazilian designer that is doing really well, check her blog here (in portuguese). This is my first page for her CT:

Click on image for credits

Sue Cummings is so talented. I love clever and beautiful titles and she sells those ready made for you to just stick on your page and be happy :) She also has lots of pretty paper and brushes, not a kit kinda of girl but with so much gorgeous stuff to offer ;) You can find her designs at Oscraps and visit her blog here. Here is my first page for her CT:

Click on image for credits

I am going to have loads of fun won't I? :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007


New kit by Dani Mogstad! Fun sport themed kit, avalable at the Sweet Shop Designs.

This will be a must for me when the World Cup rolls hehehe. I love the soccer ball themed paper. Here is a page I did just to try it out:

Dani Mogstad’s Creative
Crops Dani Mogstad’s Creative Crops 2
Dani Mogstad’s MVP kit
Scraplifting Aninha Amorin's Princess Balllerina, sketch by Lutine.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lucas is eight months old

Time is flying!!! Lucas is already eight months! He has two teeth already, loves his food, still getting breastmilk. He is crawling all over the place, he is pulling himself up, he loves kneeling. He is also so responsive and alert, playing with everything, specially having fun with his brother. They have a great relationship, so cute! Here a quick page to celebrate:
Dani Mogstad’s Say it paper strips.
Traci Reed’s Natural Woman: Strappy Sandals kit.
Storyboard by Sue Cummings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Feeling reckless!!

Today I have posted at the Hawt mama team blog for the first time. How exciting! Traci doesn’t have any new products this week so I got to show you her latest kit, In my Studio: Reckless. My layout with this kit already appeared on the Hawt mama blog, so I didn’t want to post it there. But I will post here for you, ok? *giggles*

Traci Reed's In my Studio: Reckless kit and Janet Philips template (from the July grab bag)

I also created this layout with Traci's products, I mentioned it was featured at the lifts with a twist blog but I haven't posted so here it is:
Traci Reed's Neutrally Yours solid paper.
Traci Reed's In My Studio: Vibrant kit (messy stitch).
Traci Reed's Faded Tee kit (frames).
Traci Reed's He'll Break Your Heart Kit (cardboard).
Traci Reed's In My Studio: Reckless kit (card alpha, tape measure and glitter paint).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CRD challenges

I had fun doing seven layouts for the Christina Renee Designs challenges for the store openning celebrations. Each layout just materialised in front of me, even though I had no idea what I was doing. Here they are:
Scrap outside the box challenge:
Go one challenge (use only one of each product):
Template challenge:
Grunge challenge:
CRAZY challenge:
Pizza challenge:

Lift challenge (I lifted Tiff brady):

Click on the layouts for credits. Now fingers crossed I get the grand prize LOL ;)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Scrapblog Interview

Well, since I am new at the Scrapblog, of course they had to “introduce” me to the Scrapblog readers. So, if you understand Portuguese head over to this post to read a bit more about me (LOL feeling important hehehe)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bye bye quiet time

The days of me putting Lucas down for a play and spending time in the computer are gonne :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It is done...

and I am happy with it. Mateus first year album, finished in two weeks (I have to stop doing these big projects in a hurry). Have a look at the book here:
You don’t have to sign in to see the book, just click on the “View Photo Book” orange button. Let me know what you think :)

I cannot wait to have this book in my hands; one other reason for doing it is to test out how those many different kits print :) Oh I love Shutterfly!

Monday, July 9, 2007


MIA= Missing in Action brasileirada :)

so yeah, I have, not really, I never meant to be a hardcore blogger :) so once a week is plenty! but still, since someone asked where the hell was I :) here I am LOL

I have been working crazy to try and get an album done by the 15th. It is Mateus first year album and it is all double pages of each month, lots of fun and lots of work and I have very little time to finish it. Here is what I have done so far:
Everything by Dani Mogstad (yep, seriously!)
So, I need to do month 11, 12, a cover for the book, and if I have time I want to do his first birthday party (which I am not doing in the 12 month spread), maybe another title page and redoing month two because it really doesn't go with the rest :P

I am going to find a way to show you these pages close up, they look MUCH better closer :) OK, see you when I am done :)

*********Vc fala português? Então dá uma passadinha lá no Scrapblog para ver meu primeiro post :)


Monday, July 2, 2007

Scrapbooking news and a freebie!!!!

I got a bit more praise these last few weeks:

ah man, just over the moon with those.. but the best was yet to come:

The first Brazilian blog… yeah! Do you remember me tooting I won a kit by Lisa Whitney for a challenge at the Scrapblog? Well, looks like the girls really like my stuff because… I WAS INVITED TO JOIN THE CREW… wow wow how cool is that? I mean, that is going to be loads and loads of fun because those girls are just so nice and so talented. Also, now I have an excuse to write in Portuguese, and if you like scrapbooking but dont like my ramblings in english you can check stuff there hehehe :)

and now onto a little enabling:

Funky Free by Amy Marty and Dani Mogstad
Dani released her new kit, but I cant show you my page yet :P So, go make one of your own LOL:

Freebie by me at the Hawt Mama's blog!!
I created a desktop wallpaper with Traci Reed’s goodies and we are giving it away on our new team blog!Please bookmark the blog and come visit often :) I will also remind you once I post there :)

Now...bedtime :P

Sunday, July 1, 2007

News (the non scrapping kind)

First, it has been a crazy week, I am probably forgetting some stuff so, will post about it later if I do :)

Ok, Lucas has been growing like crazy, this week he decided he didn’t want to be toothless anymore, I think it was the layout I did about loving his gummy smile, so his first tooth came out LOL Off course now I am freaking out about nursing him and getting bitten haha, hope it doesn’t happen because we offer him the bottle almost every day and he is still not keen, but if he bits me he will have no option LOL
Also!!!! He is crawling!!! We picked up on video, how exciting, you will have to wait to see it when I upload, crawling pictures are boring, you can’t see the action, but maybe I will get a layout done soon :)

And last but not least… I QUIT WORK.. well, not really but yeah, I just asked for eight months leave. It was a hard decision. Hubby got a new job and can’t leave early for me to work anymore. Childcare for both kids is so expensive it is not worth for me to work... well, I hope it all works out when Mateus starts school next year. At least I get more time to scrap (pfft yeah sure)

Hope you had a great weekend, I am off to bed, scrapping news on Monday :) (if I get the time to blog hehehe)

But before I go, some eye candy:

(just had to get some scrapping on this post LOL)