Thursday, June 28, 2007


Last time I posted I said I was going to post a couple more times that day, then Lucas woke up and LOL didn’t have time to come back, oh well, life catches up with us :) Let’s try this again, I have a couple of things to post this weekend, but I also want to scrap, lets see how it works :)

I did mention I am going to be published on Scrapbooking Memories Vol.9 No.5 right? Well, can you believe they sent ME an e-mail asking for a quick layout for their birthday article? Just like that “Hi Michelle, Would you be interested in creating a Single layout for our upcoming BIRTHDAYS gallery?” Off course I did one strait away, I was so excited!!! A couple of minutes after I sent it back I got an e-mail saying it was perfect! Again, didn’t quite believe it until WOW got the invoice request e-mail (the one that tells me how much I am going to get and when it is going to be released) I had to read it twice to believe. I am so happy about this, and it will come out on the same edition my other layout will be published. Anyway, just wanted to share hehehe, this is the layout I sent:

(Click on layout for credits)

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Mic said...

Nossa, Michelle, mas você tá dananda, hein? Esse LO aí ficou lindão! Acho o máximo seu estilo, sabia? Parabéns!