Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Memories 2008

Oops, I forgot to post my Summer Memories book here :)

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

SUMMER Memories 2008

(click on images for full credits on flickr)

Quickpages available at Little Dreamer Designs (on sale right now):

Summer Time Quickpages

Not a charity thing, but I should mention the proceeds go to our moving of servers at Little Dreamer Designs. If all goes well, we will have a public forum :) how exciting is this?

Ok, big day tomorow, talk soon :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I inspire me

I inspire me is an awesome new inspiration blog that I have just discovered. I loooooove the whole concept and the inspiration there is absolutely amazing! Well, guess who is their guest artist this week??? me me me.

Sorry I am late sharing this, I just noticed I am late with a lot of things :) LOL Here is my page for the Clothing Inspired Theme:

sweetest kiss

and the inspiration was this shirt:

Thanks so much Lana Rappette and the Inspire me Team for the honour and incredible inspiration :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fancy Pants Designs + big changes

Well, most of you already know anyway, but I thought it would be proper to make an official announcement: I am one of the very luck ladies participating in the Fancy Pants Creative Team :) The official announcement is in their current newsletter (on the website homepage) and here is a link to my profile there. If you like paper scrapping at all and you never heard of Fancy Pants you don’t know what you are missing. If you are a digital girl, you would be very tempted to play with real paper when you see the designs from Michelle Coleman, Nancie Rowe Janitz and Jackie Eckles in print. Here are some of the papers I have (it doesn't include the latest release):

Fancy Pants goodies - Aged Florals Fancy Pants goodies - Holly Jolly Fancy Pants goodies - Floral Chic Fancy Pants goodies - Key Lime Fancy Pants goodies - Botanical
Fancy Pants goodies - Sweet Pea Fancy Pants goodies - Clair de Lune Fancy Pants goodies - about a boy Fancy Pants goodies Fancy Pants goodies - True

Because of real life commitments (meaning work) and consequent lack of scrapping time I have decided to step down from all my digital Creative Teams, except Little Dreamers Designs, where I am a hybrid girl and also a designer. It was a VERY hard decision, because I LOVE them so much, but I just didn’t have time to apply myself to CT work. I am very uncomfortable when I don’t participate, even when I am told I don’t have to, it is always in the back of my head. I also think it is bad example for other CT members and I feel bad about it. Anyway, I know I can’t have it all no matter how much I want, so something had to give and let me tell you, I do feel relieved :)

Well, it is not like I am going to stop digi scrapping, but, I sure have to organize myself better and will be doing a lot less digi than I used to. I mentioned before I used to make about 20 pages a month, that is just not feasible anymore, I don’t have mojo for that. Anyway, I guess I rambled enough for today LOL what about I show you some pages I did for Fancy Pants?

Just Because album Just Because album

Love being your mom brotherly love I want you to... *heart* you today, you are you don't laugh

(you can click on the photos to go into flickr and see a larger version :)

I will continue to work on my hybrid templates and hopefully get some pages done for my 2008 albums, but expect to see much more paper scrapping here from now on, I hope this is good news :)
Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!!!
ETA. By the way, I forgot to mention Fancy Pants is having a CT call!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Butterfly Album Template

Yay, I have been meaning to do this forever! Just lack of tme and letting other projects take over. These are photos of when I turned one, and even though they are not great, I just loooove how this turned out. The photos simply don't do it any justice (I might try photographying it again some time), but here you go:

a borboleta a borboleta

a borboleta

a borboleta

a borboleta

a borboleta

a borboleta

and obviously I have created a template for it.
Can't have all this work and not share it, right? :)

Butterfly Album Template

Hope you like it :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

butterfly sneak peek

butterfly sneak peek, originally uploaded by michellefilo.

no time to blog properly but... here is a sneak peek of my next album :)

thanks for the well wishes! I am feeling much better!

see you soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back + snow photos

Hullo :) here I am, sick again, bleh, but on the mend! I have scrapping news I wanted to share since last week, but they will have to wait another day or two, not in the right frame of mind to write about it right now :) So, I will just leave you with some photos of our quick getaway cut short a day, but still quite enjoyable (there are 60 photos on the flickr set that I managed to select from almost 300, the ones bellow are not exactly my favorite, but I kinda like all of them):

snowball fight! snow surf
Mateus had the bestest time! He was really keen on the whole snow thing and wanted to have snowball fights and snow board.... gosh, too young for that :)

playing in the snow cranky
Lucas was alternating between enjoying the snow and being super cranky! He wanted his gloves off, so he took them off all the time only to be upset a minute later because his little fingers were cold (obviously, but he didn’t get that)

family shot
We managed to get a half nice family shot (at least there is one!!!)

going down

We had a lot of fun with the toboggan we hired. I have to say it was the highlight :)

toboggan fun toboggan fun

Mateus was very specific about the way we should build the snow man, he wanted grapes for his eyes and mouth and a carrot for his nose. That was our plan for Sunday, but since everyone got gastro overnight, we had to pack and go home instead.... oh well, maybe next year!

Before I go, thanks so much for the links for the pages using my templates, oh my I am LOVING it, some of them are just blowing me away. Stay tunned for a future post with all this goodness :)

Hope you have a great week!!! TTFN!