Friday, November 28, 2008

6 Homemade Calendar Ideas + freebie

Hello friends, today I would like to share a couple of ideas I had when I was creating my calendar stamps: Hybrid Magic 12 and Digital Magic 02.

Everything I am going to show you can be made at home with a printer and A4 paper. It works great with whatever photographic paper you choose, matte or glossy, just a matter of preference.


Calendar Idea 1

Created with my Hybrid Magic 12 - 8x8 Calendar. Even though most of my stamps are 8x8 inches anyway, this set has small numbers and extra space which is perfect for the creation of diaries or any projects were you would like to make notes on special dates through the year; not only birthdays and anniversaries but also appointments and holidays.

IDEAS 2 & 3

Calendar Idea 2

Calendar Idea 3

Created with my Digital Magic 02 - Calendar Stamps 2009. Break an A4 page horizontally into 3 equal parts leaving a little white space on the bottom so you can fold the sheet into a triangle and attach at the bottom with double sided tape. This will create 3 panels per sheet, so you will need 4 A4 sheets (4 triangles) to make up a year. Then add either the week row calendar stamp or the full month calendar stamp and a couple of photos and you are done.

Calendar Idea 2

You can also break the A4 sheet vertically for a slimmer calendar. A step by step will be available on the Hybrid special edition of the DST newsletter (as well as a freebie to help you out). The DST Newsletter will be released on their website in December :)

IDEAS 4 & 5

Calendar Idea 4

Also created with the Digital Magic 02 - Calendar Stamps 2009. Break an A4 sheet in two, add two week stamps to it and maybe the year, a photo or other design element. Cut the sheet in half, to have one week per page. You will need to print 26 A4 sheets to make up a year.

Calendar Idea 5

You can also break up the sheet horizontally (or don't break it up at all) and place 8 weeks in the A4 sheet. With 8 weeks per sheet you will only need 6 sheets (and a half) to complete the year. You can cut up the 8 pages individually or leave them in groups of two or four.

I recommend you create a cardboard stand just like the one I did for my Mini Calendar (steps 3 and 4).

I am the first to admit this would be a time consuming project, so much so I know I won't be able to play with it and I didn't have time to make a template with this idea. But the week stamps are already made for you, so, if you have the time, I know this would be super useful and a rocking gift to a loved one :)


Calendar Idea 6

For those that are running out of time and want to keep it simple, just follow the same process in ideas 2/3 but swap the white space for more monthly stamps. Here it is:

Calendar Idea 6

Another option is swapping the year spot for another photo, not fold it and stick it in the fridge for display :)



Since it is black Friday and there are sales everywhere (and I had no idea LOL) here is a FREE template to make it easy peasy (please note calendar stamps are NOT included):

Folded A4 Calendar template - blog freebie

(click on the image for link)

I hope you enjoy playing with calendars, I know I could include at least 10 more calendar ideas in here, but time is short and I have to move on to other things :) The sky is the limit here, so go have fun creating!

[digital papers in previews by Michelle Coleman]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We don't celebrate it in Brazil or Australia, but I bet it must be a wonderful time of the year for those who do celebrate. You don't need to celebrate thanksgiving to share the spirit of that holiday. I know I am thankful for a lot in my life and I can see how fortunate we are. What are you thankful for?

blessed family

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OneDollar Wednesday at Little Dreamer Designs

Digital Magic Set 02 - 2009 Digital Stamps

I have my calendar stamps for just a dollar today only. Later I am going to show you some pretty cool projects you can make using those stamps, so don't miss out!

If you subscribe to the DSB Newsletter, you have probably already received my calendar template freebie and these stamps go beautifully with that template.

I also have a template freebie coming up on the DST Newsletter, it will be a special hybrid edition and once again, these stamps are perfect for that project :) Either way, if you miss out this bargain they will still be there :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CD Calendar 2009

My CD calendars are finally finished. I had to be striped from my physical scrapbooking supplies to get back into it :)

2009 CD calendar

2009 CD calendar 2009 CD calendar 2009 CD calendar

2009 CD calendar

2009 CD calendar 2009 CD calendar 2009 CD calendar

Best thing about using only designs by Michelle Coleman is that she is happy to let me offer the quickpages in the LDD store :) So, if you are running out of time to play with the template set, now you can just get the Quickpages:

CD Calendar Quickpages

All the work done for you, just pick a page and add your photos and calendar stamp
(and calendar stamps are included).

Can't wait to see mine in print :)


My current house has had 5 inspections so far and today we got our first offer :D woohooo. The agent is negotiating for us. I am so looking forward to being done. Yeah, the house looks great, but I am tired of keeping it pristine, I want to leave our tooth brush on the sink :)

Lot's of planning going on for the week after the move. It is Mateus' 5th birthday and my 30th. I think we will have a lot of get togethers, none at my new place since I will probably only have boxes around. So, all I know is that it will be BUSY! Which is ok considering I will be celebrating, tidying up the new place and have no internet. I am certainly going to have withdrawals :) but it will be good!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pencil Lines Sketch 112

Sketch 112 is up, and here is this week's free template based on the sketch by me :)

Pencil Lines Sketch 112

(click on image for link)

Reminder: if you do use the template above, don't forget to post a link to your page at the Pencil Lines blog for a chance to win great prizes from our sponsors :)

This week's sketch I based on an older design that I really love. It was one of the first pages I created in digital scrapbooking:


Credits: Traci Reed's Urban Vintage kit, In my Studio:Unbound kit and glitter overlay.

But since it was an old page, I decided to create a new never before seen page for the Pencil Lines blog, here it is:

brotherly kisses

Credits: Songbird Avenue Frosty Kisses kit - collaboration with the Little Dreamer Designers.

ah, I love digi scrapping :)

Hope you like the free template, have a great week!

Friday, November 21, 2008

sweet smiles [again]

sweet smiles

I know you must be tired of this page, but I really do like it. You might remember I even shared a free template for it. I love it so much that when I decided to create a hybrid page from a digital page for the Digi to Hybrid challenge at the Little Dreamer Designs blog, I picked this page again :) Here is the result:

sweet smiles
(sorry about the BAD photo)

sweet smiles

Yep, I love this page :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lucas is 2 years old

Does anyone know how to teach kids to SLOW DOWN and be kids for a little longer? They grow so fast!!! I am telling it fells like yesterday I was pregnant playing Warcraft and wondering if Lucas was ever going to come :)

It was a super fast natural birth and we were back home that same day, 19/11/06. Then and there I should have realised things would move faster with this little munchkin. He does everything a little earlier than Mateus did. I guess he has his older brother to learn from.

We had a busy day today. I left for work he was still sleeping. But I left work earlier than usual to celebrate his birthday with his friends at childcare and Mateus also joined in (he goes to the same place Mon-Wed). Here are some photos:

Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

He loved it. I think he got it was HIS day, his moment. He was very excited and loved the cake.

We went back home and got ready for another party with just a couple of closer friends. The party finished 9PM, wow, everyone crashed shortly after (except this crazy lady that insisted she needed a birthday post for this little one).

I’ll come back some other time with a page with the other party's photos. Now, I should really get some sleep, another big day at work and I don’t get to leave early again :)


House is on the market :)

Yep, see the listing right here. I hope to sell it quickly so we can afford the new house :) Also, we signed contracts on the new house, we are really moving on the 12th of December. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pencil Lines Sketch 111

Sketch 111 is up, and here is this week's free template based on the sketch by Sarah Jane Dowsett aka Scrapfairy:

Pencil Lines 110 FREE TEMPLATE

(click on image for download link)
Reminder: if you do use the template above, don't forget to post a link to your page at the Pencil Lines blog for a chance to win great prizes from our sponsors :)

Here is the page I created inspired by this week's sketch:


Have a great week!

Friday, November 14, 2008



for the One Little Word blog :)

adorable photo of Mateus :) and true advice I want to give him and I hope he LISTENS!

and just because, here are some close ups:
Fancy Pants About a Boy papers, ribbon and die cuts.
Fancy Pants Transparent Letters.
Fancy Pants rough and tough buttons.
Making Memories tiny alpha.

Till later and happy scrapping :)

Countdown to a new home

If it all goes to plan (finances, etc) I will be moving houses on the 12 of December. Then we will have no internet on the new place for another couple of weeks (seriously, I am going to die).

Yesterday we inspected the new house to make sure everything works, and we are still in love with it - I can't wait to move to show you all some photos. We are upgrading from 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. Since I only have two kids, can you guess what the fourth bedroom is for???? YAY My very own scrap space :) I haven’t decided where all the furniture will go yet, but it looks like it will be a great fit for our little family.

I am actually already starting to pack because we have people going through my house which is on sale. So, all my “real” scrapping supplies are packed and I won't be able to do much hybrid/ paper scrapping until the new year. I was working hard to finish all paper and hybrid projects I needed done for my November/December deadlines. Now I am going to have to suffer through not being able to share then for a while :)

In the meantime, I can tell you there will be lots of freebies to come. I have a couple coming up on the bumper edition of DAM which will be released December 5. If you speak Portuguese, sign up for DSB Newsletter, also, look forward to special hybrid edition of the DST Newsletter.

I will continue to have access to the internet until I move, and will have some time for digital scrapping, which, in a way, is a good thing. I need to catch up with my digital albums.

Today I took the day off work and have been cleaning like crazy to make sure my current house looks its best. We have a photographer coming to take photos of the house so we can use it on the sale ads. I am hoping to sell it as quickly as possible so we don't end up with two mortgages for too long. It will hopefully on the market next weekend. I will give you links to the property and show you photos as soon as I have them, you know, just in case you want to buy a house in Australia LOL

Sorry for the long post with no photos. I will compensate with a LO share in a minute. Hope you have a great weekend! I am off to get some well deserved rest and a snack :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Skull Album Sneak Peek

I want to shaaaaaaaaaaaaaare, cause I am so very happy with how it turned out, but I can't really, you will have to get the newest edition of the Digital Artist Magazine to be able to see it and read the tutorial.


The magazine is absolutely amazing as usual!!! Over 200 pages of pure digital and hybrid goodness and I don't think it is only Halloween oriented. I don't celebrate Halloween and I love the new issue.

Ok, maybe just a sneak peek just to prove it is not only Halloween on this edition:

Skull Album - Sneak Peek

If I were to celebrate Halloween, this album would be perfect for the photos, wouldn't it? :) Created with the Kaisercraft Skull Album and designs by Lori (Punked kit).

I also created a template set for it (off course) and it is 20% OFF until the end of our Fall sale at Little Dreamer Designs:

Hybrid Magic 13 - Skull Album

Tell me one thing though, I know I am his mom, but my boy will be the hotest bloke in town hey? He is such a heart breaker and he loooooves to pose for the photos :) Needless to say he loved this album :)

be back soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pencil Lines Sketch 110

Sketch 110 is up, and here is this week's free template based on the sketch by Cecile:

Pencil Lines 110 FREE TEMPLATE

(click on image for download link)

Reminder: if you do use the template above, don't forget to post a link to your page at the Pencil Lines blog for a chance to win great prizes from our sponsors :)

Here is the page I created inspired by this week's sketch:

what I love

I confess I am really happy with this page. First time I used Glimmer Mist, I could have used more but I was scared because the paper was warping so much. I always wanted to play with this Making Memories' set of flowers I had; and also, the super sized fabric brads from K&Company are soooooo cute :) Here are some close ups:

what I love?

what I love?

what I love?

American Crafts Vinyl Thickers. Fancy Pants Chipboard, Making
Memories Papers, Flowers and ribbon. SEI Brads. KandCompany Fabric brads.
Glimmer Mist.
Font is 2Peas Goofball.

Hope you have a great week!