Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, Wednesdays Mateus goes to child-care and I have the whole day for me and Lucas... and housework.... and catching up with e-mails..... checking the many forums I participate in......... reading blogs....... writing posts............ and scrapping? Oh well, I think I planned a little bit too much for Wednesdays. I am the queen of procrastinating, and today I realised how much I “left for Wednesday”. There is no way I could get everything done, so maybe there will be no scrapping today :( oh well, I gave up scrapping for sleep on the weekend, I can survive this time since I am actually getting other things done.

Hubby asked if I wanted to keep the car so I could go out and buy a DVD player for our son (his DVD broke) and I almost had a heart attack. If I kept the car I would have to take Matty to care and buy the time I am back and get everything else done, it is lunchtime. Before I know it is 5 o clock and I have to go pick him up, never accomplishing much on these days, so I was VERY happy when I convinced him Matty could wait till the weekend.

So, I posted in 4 different places today, please go have a look if you have time:
A Tutorial for the Scrapblog (in Portuguese only, sorry)
A Product Spotlight at Dani Mogstad’s team blog – Girl Talk
A Product Spotlight at Traci Reed’s team blog – Hawt Mamas
A page for the SMJ team blog (I am a guest for this month, I think I forgot to mention!)

And before I go, some eye candy that has a story behind, but I didn’t have the guts to record the bad part of it.

(click for credits)
The good part:
Lucas overcame his fear of grass in just under a week, going into the tulip farm one week and this was Floriade on the weekend. Journaling: A week earlier you were screaming you didn’t want to be left on the grass, and now look at you in awe of the flowers. It is a pleasure to witness your wonder and discovery of the world.

The bad part:
Floriade, if you know, is a flower festival we have here in Canberra in September, and obviously people shouldn’t go near the flower beds. Well, as you can see in the picture, I let Lucas crawl up a flower bed….. got so “involved” with admiring him enjoying the flowers and taking pictures I didn’t really think much of it. When I picked him up to look for daddy and his brother, Alex was quite upset, and said he was embarrassed by what I did. So much so the outing was cut short and we went back home right away. So sad. I still feel bad for it. At least the photos were priceless :)

Now I am going to catch up with my forums :) TTFN hehe

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The first...

...time published, you'll never forget :)
It is here!!! Scrapbooking Memories, Vol. 09, no. 05. I have no words to describe the excitement, it didn’t sink in until I actually held the magazine and saw the LO with my own eyes…. That is just such a high :) If you live in Australia, go have a peek :)

I have been so busy, and trying to spend more time with the family, so, forgive me for just lurking around and not posting any comments. I will do better :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy creative team girl

There is nothing that makes me happier than getting an invitation to join a Creative Team. It is not only because of the access to the goodies and behind scenes stuff (which I also love), it just makes me happy to know someone likes what I do so much, they want me to do it with their designs. I think it is almost the ultimate compliment (the ultimate compliment is when the family appreciates my pages hehe). So, let me tell you I have been “feeling the love” lately. I had to decline a couple of offers lately (which is driving me bonkers, I can’t let go), but I still have new CTs to talk to you about.

Just after, or almost at the same time I accepted Lili’s invitation to join her CT, LISA WHITNEY invited me to her CT. Here is the official announcement. I have been Lisa’s fan for the longest time, it was a thrill to get into her forum(amazing girls there, including Traci reed, Kate Hadfield, Nancy Comelab and Jen Caputo). I HAVE created new stuff with Lisa’s designs, but I can’t show you. I am participating In the Stand Up and Scrap contest, and for those who don’t know, we are playing anonymously, we have only numbers as our identity, and I can’t wait to share my pages with you hehehe

I also failed to let you know that Audrey from oscraps invited me to be part of a team creating layouts for the blog challenges. I am having so much fun with those, you know I LOVE challenges, check out a couple of my layouts for the challenges:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Feliz dia das crianças

In Brasil, it is children's day! Oh, I used to love that, getting presents just like christmas, playing and celebrating the day. I had no plans to celebrate here at all, but a couple of brazilian friends organized something at their place and off we went! The kids had the greates time! Mateus is allergic (to everything) and started sneezing the moment we got there. It seems there is a cat living "outside". Anyway, it didn't keep him from playing and running and screaming and marvelling at everything around him. Here is a little eyecandy with the boys:

Credits: Alpha by Katie and Tiff/ Doodled date tapes by Katie Hadfield/ Messy staples (neutral) by Katie Hadfield/ Background paper by Nancy Comelab/ Paint and WordArt by Sue Cummings/ Chalked Frames Overlays 3 by Sue Cummings.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Catching up...

..........with sleep

I have loooooots of scrapping news... but I just spent time with the family this weekend, now I have loads to catch up on with scrapping and you know I am not one to just come out and say something, I like to “prepare” a post. Well, no time for that today, I need some sleep! Hope to *really* catch up soon :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

The big secret? Designs by Lili

LOL, actually it wasn’t a big secret, but it wasn’t official yet so I kept quiet :) The layout from the previous post, which got everyone curious, was created with Designs by Lili. Lili is a new designer starting at ScrapArtist today :) She invited me and the whole Scrapblog team to be part of her creative team and I have a feeling this will be LOADS of fun. Her stuff is just gorgeous and it will be great to work with my team mates hehehe.

Lili is giving away a kit to anyone that spends 10 dollars or more at her brand new store. I LOVE the kit that she is giving away, that alpha is an absolutely must have ;)

I have a couple of half done layouts, I have been terrible at finishing my layouts lately, I have over 20 in my “unfinished” folder, can you believe? But I managed to finish this one up for today:

I love this expression you have, the sweet look, almost shy. It is my favorite and brings a smile to my face every time I see it. xoxo Mom ~ Jun 07

Scraplifting one of Elsie’s layouts.
Alpha from "My First Kit" by Lili @ Scrapartist
Painted Papers by Lili @ Scrapartist
Tout Doux circles by Lili @ Scrapartist
Tout Doux buttons by Lili @ Scrapartist
Ribbon Corners by Lili @ Scrapartist
Font is DJB PookieDoo by Darcy Baldwin.

Thanks for stopping by peoples :) Hope you have a great week!