Friday, June 29, 2007

Scrapbooking bonanza

Before I start, please go check out my first post at the Girl Talk blog. I am trying to convince other scrappers to do more double page layouts like me LOL I love double pagers :) and while you’re there have a look at this week’s challenge, there are prizes to be won!!!!

Ah, talking challenges, the new dare is up. I have no clue what to do for this one!! eeeck!

WARNING, the rest of this post maybe harmfull to your wallet :)
Ok, now to the new products, Traci has a ton of new stuff and looky looky whose layout is on her advertising for the new kit Reckless:

Me me me :) yeah, the *big* girl on one of the layouts LOL I did a little layout to remind me of how big I was :) There are ton of other new things on the shops that I haven’t played with yet, including this cool alpha and this paper pack.

Also, I am not one to announce or talk about freebies but this week’s challenge freebies at Designer Digitals are so awesome I just thought I should mention :)

That’s it for now, there is a new kit from Dani but she hasn’t announced it yet so I will leave it for another post.

Ah, I am thinking I might need another blog, does it look too weird that I do all this scrapbooking talk over here? I so don’t want to create another blog, tell me if this is strange ok? :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Last time I posted I said I was going to post a couple more times that day, then Lucas woke up and LOL didn’t have time to come back, oh well, life catches up with us :) Let’s try this again, I have a couple of things to post this weekend, but I also want to scrap, lets see how it works :)

I did mention I am going to be published on Scrapbooking Memories Vol.9 No.5 right? Well, can you believe they sent ME an e-mail asking for a quick layout for their birthday article? Just like that “Hi Michelle, Would you be interested in creating a Single layout for our upcoming BIRTHDAYS gallery?” Off course I did one strait away, I was so excited!!! A couple of minutes after I sent it back I got an e-mail saying it was perfect! Again, didn’t quite believe it until WOW got the invoice request e-mail (the one that tells me how much I am going to get and when it is going to be released) I had to read it twice to believe. I am so happy about this, and it will come out on the same edition my other layout will be published. Anyway, just wanted to share hehehe, this is the layout I sent:

(Click on layout for credits)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too Too Toot

Are you prepared? Going to post a couple of times today I think, but I have to get these things done when I have time :)

First, the title, for those who don’t know, toot is the word we use in the digiscrapping community meaning we got our work recognised, or showcased in some way. I have two toots I would like to share.

I was one the winners of the Scrapblog challenge for June, “Loucuras de amor”, for this layout. I got this amazing Lisa Whitney’s kit as a reward:

Talking about Lisa, she is having a 50% off sale finishing today! hurry!

And the biggest news yet, one of my fave layouts will be published on Scrapbooking Memories Vol.9 No.5. That is 5 months from now, I didn’t know magazine people were so organized. When I submitted it to Scrapbooking Memories I got an e-mail strait away saying "they could use it". I tried not to get too excited and forgot about it. Last week I got the letter with the contract and how much I am going to get for it to be published..... can you tell how excited I am? I wanted to wait till it was actually published but hahaha I can’t wait that long. Guys guys guys... I am getting paid to scrap wohoooooo.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Português x Inglês

Eu escrevo em inglês aqui porque todo mundo que eu conheço que lê esse blog entende inglês. Se vc não entende inglês por favor deixe um recadinho para eu repensar minha decisão :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Snow x2

Scrapbook layouts make good pictures look even better.... right? :)

(Click on pictures for credits)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Oh wow, I forgot to tell you about the snow LOL I got too excited with my scrapbooking news that I forgot :) So, it was great, no rain, but Lucas got waaaaay too tired and didn’t get to actually enjoy the snow, poor thing... here are some pictures (no editing or I would never get to post it)

Can you tell how much Mateus loved it? :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lucas is 7 months today

Lucas turned 7 months today. Look at this gummy smile:


Can you get why I don't want him to grow too quickly? why I feel a little sad amidst the excitement of seeing him grow? oh well, there are different phases I know I will love, but I am missing my babies already....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Traci Reed's hawt mamas

So, Traci Reed announced her new set of Hawt Mamas... have you seen it:Ahem, did you notice a certain familiar name on the list? You know, Fourth name, starts with a M and finished with ichelle... yep.... WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now it is official, I even got a freaking personalised blinkie by Miss Alane (thank so much!):
How cool is that??? I personally don’t like too many blinkies hanging onto signatures, but I totally have to go back on my word and use my new blinkies. I hear Dani Mogstad will have a new one for the new girls and I can’t wait to use it too :)

Last week when I got the news I got into those Creative Teams I was totally over the moon. I still can’t believe it, since I am so new to digiscrapping and there is so much talent out there. The teams are amazing, a lot of talented ladies, so much talent I even feel intimidated LOL Still, I have a feeling these gigs will be loads of fun!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Snow and Creative Teams

We are heading to the snow tomorrow, I so want to take loads of pictures of my boys playing in the snow :) but for that to happen, it can't rain, so, even with the terrible draught and everything, I hope it doesn't rain :P
I reaaaaaaally need to get to bed to leave early tomorrow but before I go:
Have you heard of Dani Mogstad? Well, if you haven’t and you are a digi scrapper you are reaaaaaaally missing out!!! I just got accepted to her Creative Team and I am over the moon with excitement!
For my darling friends that don't know what a creative team is, the designer gives you access to her designs in "exchange" for layouts and a bit of promotion, it is a lot of fun!) I cannot wait to play with Dani's designs, things are a bit crazy now but I hope next month I get loads done :)
I also got accepted into another great team, will let you know as soon as it is announced :)
and before I go, a little eye candy:


It was for the Digidare #40 (it is also a hint as to which other creative team I am in LOL)

Friday, June 15, 2007

too damn cute

Lucas is "talking" LOL

oh, I love his little face more and more each day, didn't think it was possible to love your kids MORE since I am already bursting with love... but it is :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Valentine's day

Valentine's day in Brazil is June 12. So I created a couple of pages with that in mind :)
Tacky but yeah, but this is our song :)

Lisa Whitney’s papers and elements from the Chalked full of fun kit. Michelle Coleman’s flowery paper from the Story of us kit. Line Prado’s scalloped template. Fonts are Charles and CK Signature.

Journaling: We were together for only 7 months when we first broke up. Alex needed some “space”. I don’t believe in that sort of thing, so we broke up. As soon as I got a new boyfriend, he changed his mind, he wanted me back. I spent the following weeks trying to convince myself he didn’t deserve me. I tried really hard. I didn’t want to suffer again. I tried, but I failed. I could not stop thinking about him, I didn’t know why. So, one day, I decided to send him an e-mail with the lyrics to the song “Still the one” by Shania Twain. We got back together that same day. Soon after we got back together, Alex decided it was time to move out of his parents’ home. So, he invited me to live with him. Mind you, we were just dating, nothing official, just “live” together. Maybe a try before you buy? I called my mom; she was a bit worried, but happy for me. She could tell I was happy. However, there were a couple of twists ahead in this story. Alex had applied for a job in Australia, and a week after we got back together he was offered a 2 year contract. What to do? We were just back together? We didn’t want to be apart again. So he just said “will you come with me?” Well, that is just not the same as “will you marry me?” so I hesitated. I think he understood my dilemma; going to live in another country with someone you met a year ago is not for everyone. So, he popped THE question “then, will you be my wife… in Australia?” and I said yes! The craziest thing I have ever done. Thinking back, the chances of our relationship not working, given our past history, were so slim. I was really crazy to do it. Crazy were also the months that followed. My mom almost had a heart attack, she barely knew Alex (even though she was the one that picked him for me – long story). My dad was almost against it, but settled soon after. Alex parents asked over and over if he was sure I was the one. We were not sure of anything but that, in that moment, we wanted to be together. So, three months later we had an engagement party, followed by our wedding a couple of days after. On the 29th September 2000 we sealed our vows in a simple banquet room of an apartment building. Simple, but you could ask anyone, it was magical. We were truly happy. That happiness lives on. We had ups and downs and moving away from everyone we loved and everything we knew only brought us closer together. Sometimes we wonder if things would have worked out if we stayed where we were and just “lived” together. But love makes us do crazy things. We got married just to be together then, and now we know we want it to be for the rest of our lives.

Michelle Coleman's stamped alpha, Story of Us kit and Grandma's attic hearts and frame (altered)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Quickie – my new thing

A quick post to get my money whining out of the spotlight, LOL. I am going nuts with the Shabby Shop sale and today is Thrifty Thursday (30% off stuff at Designer Digitals) and I AM NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING awwwwwwww will I survive? LOL Lucky I won a gift certificate for Little Dreamer Designs so if I feel really bad I can go there to cash it in :) even though I just spent 30 dollars on their sale last weekend hehehe.

My new thing in scrapbooking is doing at least two pages with the same supplies, so they can look good when printed side by side. They don’t have to be a real double pager, or even the same theme, but I want them to “coordinate” Some examples:

For credits see the originals here.
Also: I *might* be going to be missing for the next two weeks. My brother in law is coming to visit. We are so excited! So I don’t know if I am going to have time to blog, but I will be back before the end of the month :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So sad

wow... june....... where did the year go?

I am a bit down, just a bit. So many things to cherish in my life and this stupid money thing keeps bringing me down.

We are broke. Like, no money for groceries till next pay day broke. Like, credit card maxed out cant borrow money broke. Did we have to go broke now? Now that I wanted to spend a little?

After over a year behaving myself, after so long without going out and shopping for myself, I finally went on a shopping spree. The last two months I started doing the “I want it I’ll buy it thing”.

First for clothes because I lost a lot of weight and thought I needed new clothes. Then, I started to buy digisupplies, spent a little in April, then went overboard in May because of all the promotions, and I also had the “it is mother’s day” excuse. Then, last week, Alex bought me a external HD for $300…. maybe that was it. He mentioned if he knew I wouldn’t stop spending on digisupplies he wouldn’t have bought it. I think I didn’t but it myself because I knew I didn’t want to stop buying.

Well, it seems now I don’t have a choice, I just don’t have the money to spend. I got some money back from my health insurance today, and that is all the pocket money I have. I am worried now, what if something happens and we need money for the kids?

I can’t even say that staying at home with the kids made much difference. Childcare is so expensive that I would be totally working for free anyway, unless I got a raise… I thought about telling that to my boss LOL Want me full time? Give me a raise!

Anyway... I am rambling now :( I am going to do some housework so I can get back to the computer and look at my beautiful pictures and scrap some precious memories. That will cheer me up!