Sunday, June 17, 2007

Traci Reed's hawt mamas

So, Traci Reed announced her new set of Hawt Mamas... have you seen it:Ahem, did you notice a certain familiar name on the list? You know, Fourth name, starts with a M and finished with ichelle... yep.... WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now it is official, I even got a freaking personalised blinkie by Miss Alane (thank so much!):
How cool is that??? I personally don’t like too many blinkies hanging onto signatures, but I totally have to go back on my word and use my new blinkies. I hear Dani Mogstad will have a new one for the new girls and I can’t wait to use it too :)

Last week when I got the news I got into those Creative Teams I was totally over the moon. I still can’t believe it, since I am so new to digiscrapping and there is so much talent out there. The teams are amazing, a lot of talented ladies, so much talent I even feel intimidated LOL Still, I have a feeling these gigs will be loads of fun!

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Ian Connor said...

Congratulations you! You are certainly talented :)