Thursday, August 28, 2008

Newest addition to our family - Mac

Mac, originally uploaded by michellefilo.

Meet little Mac, the newest addition to our little family.

She came to our house yesterday with 6 weeks and 2.5 kg ;)
She is a Spoodle and is very sweet, she has behaved very well so far, cried very little through the night.
Everyone here is a bit sick, so, she was a much needed ray of sunshine.
She is very loving and cuddly, we are in love!

ETA. Video of her first moments with us (poor thing got squished and didn't even mind)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A DAM announcement + more

I have been missing out on lots of things but it sure isn’t because I am sitting on the couch watching TV (ok, maybe a little). I have created two projects for the upcoming September issue of the Digital Artist Magazine, it is going to be the BEST yet, I can almost guarantee from what I have seen so far! Shortly after I submitted the first project they have invited me to join the team as a contributor :) So, there you have it, I am behind the scenes now and LOVING it. Such an honour to be amongst such talented ladies. I could not believe most of my faaave digital scrappers were there :)

A little clue of things to come: September will be awesome!!!! So, watch this space!

This afternoon I went to a Stampin’Up party, my work friend Janet was the host and my dear friend Pam is my dealer... I mean, supplier :) It was the first time I created a fully hand made card, no computer and printed bits to help me out. Needless to say, I felt a little unprepared and missed the undo button terribly, but I kinda like the result :) I owe you a photo because ...ahem.. I forgot it at the party LOL oh, and I also created my very first artist trading card (ATC). I see how these little things can get addictive. Shame I gave it away without taking a photo, but now at least I know it is not a seven headed beast.

On other news, I am praying winter finishes sooner rather than later! I have the whole family sick at the moment. I am the one that is feeling best, since I was sick last week and just getting off of it, but the boys are super sick. Mateus was diagnosed with the croupe and has to hang in there for a couple of days, especially with his asthma, we really have to watch it. It is starting to look like Lucas got it too, and Alex is certainly run down (well, after spending the afternoon with two sick kids, it is expected)

OK, off to have a look at the Stampin’Up catalogue and then bed. Something tells me tomorrow will be a long day.

DAM giveaway winners

Winning posts are the following:

DAM RAK winners

So, congratulations Dúnia, Kelleigh, Kate and Melinda. You have won the August edition of the Digital Artist Magazine.

Please send an e-mail to michelle at familiafilo dot com so I can get you a copy. Kate is contributor to the Digital Artist Magazine, so she already has it and that is why I decide to draw a fourth person :) Thanks to all that have left a comment, I am totally doing this again next month!!!

DAM Giveaway draw

please pardon my accent and terrible english (and oh so rusky voice) and also, Mateus is super sick with the croupe, so he wasn't as cheery as usual (but still enjoyed it)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reminder + latest pages

Reminder: last day to leave a comment on the post below for a chance to win a copy of the August Issue of the Digital Artist Magazine.

Let me tell you, I offered the giveaway BEFORE I saw the issue and it is PACKED with awesome pages and great information. I am addicted to magazines and I buy a lot of hardcopy ones and I have to say this magazine is a bargain if you look at the content. The kit alone was worth the 6 bucks! Amazing!!!!! I am printing out the entries and announcing the lucky random winner on Saturday!

I have heaps of hybrid projects I would like to share, but can’t just yet, so, in the meantime two more paper layouts:

what a wonderful world

bad boy and a teddy bear

(you can click to go to flickr and see the credits)

Can you BELIEVE I missed the’s birthday party??? The awesome free kit, all the challenges.... I also missed out on the third round of freebies at the Funky Playground...gosh... did I mention I have been slow? I am working on that! It WILL get better :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Super slow + DAM Giveway

I AM! I am super slow!!! Oh my, I can’t even say I am part of the digiscrapping community anymore!!! So much going on I didn’t even know about. I missed out on a couple of great sales and lots of fun challenges everywhere. I even miss out when people talk about me... like on this challenge at the DAM blog. They had a quiz and one of the questions was: 7. Which Brazilian designer knows how to work magic? And the answer is ME :) with a link to my hybrid magic templates... I mean, is there anything more flattering than that????? It really put a huuuge smile on my face. Thanks Nancy and everyone at DAM, they are just the sweetest people :)

So, to pay it forward I would like to show all of you how cool DAM is. Especially if you never bought it before, LEAVE ME A COMMENT ON THIS POST BEFORE THE 20th OF AUGUST for a chance to win the August edition of DAM.

Please keep an eye on here for the winner announcement around the 22nd because I will need the winner to e-mail me their details :) (it is a shame blogger doesn’t give me the commenter’s e-mail like typepad does... I am thinking about moving...)

Something else I noticed, the teacher’s pet at the Funky Playground Designs. I have a couple of friends participating and I think I recognised a couple more usernames... but as I mentioned, I didn’t even know about it until last week, and just today I noticed the second round freebies, I didn’t download many freebies on the first round for lack of time... what a shame! and I haven't scrapped with any freebies for months... I will try to pay more attention, but if you see something cool happening and you think I might like to know, please shoot a message to michelle at familiafilo dot com :)

Better go because I NEED to work hard this week to make up for last week!
Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

template pages round up

A couple more pages I found at DST created with my "My boy" template:

crow2 2008_Dylans3rdBirthdayParty_600x600 Summer-08--gallery vickylilly mf_myboytemplate_600px

Delightful_w mf_myboytemplatesmall Zen6 delightful-a nicolebirthday_Kopie

TS4_klein SweetFaces2 At-the-Park8 08_136_klein beach-girl1

DEBAJO-DEL-MAR-550 allgaeu_02_600 DuniaBECOOL_Web Sparkle-and-Shine1 blowingdandelions_paper7_ka

On-the-wave-Erwinweb 327483253_HZrgb-L plage25 Dylan_3_years_072108_prev DylanNEWBORN080208prev

I loooove looking at these, such creativity!!!

Pages using my "sweet" template:

080711 laughter6001 voceeassim-dunia mo-ww-deli-forum 2008-57-templatefilo_copy_600_x_600_

you-at-three by-happy1 080719b 6612 080719a

beauty-in-science-web Daddy_-hold-my-hand Emily_Medium_ jindra_templ sweet_smoochesjpg500x500

SillyGirls_DuniaWEB 3-generations-web Sam-Groove-Dance-0708-web amigo_n_o_tem_pre_o_copy3 louise-250708

michalka_pro_web I_heart_you3 RAK_pro_Dyp_150 Different-Ways-to-Eat-a-Str youandme4

Some of these really blew me out of the water... WOW!!! I won't point out the ones that really impressed me because I don't want to play favorites, but as I said, I am LOVING this :)

I did the draft for this post last Thrusday, things just have been buuuusy! Even though I haven't worked this week at all. Lucas had conjuctvitis and I just stayed home with him. One would think I would get heaps of scrapping done but it was just the opposite. Lucas has a thing with the computer, looks like he haaaaates sharing me with the big black box... every time I come near the computer he comes and hugs me and plonks himself on my lap. He even turns myself towards his face if I keep looking at the screen. So this week I gave up trying to trick him and just chilled on the couch. It was good, but I had heaps to do and now I have to catch up.

Happy Father's Day for those in Brazil :) Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!