Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life 1 x 0 World of Warcraft

That is it, World of Warcraft lost, yesterday Alex cancelled his account. To be honest, I didn't see that one coming. I mean, I found scrapbooking and thought I was wasting my time playing... he flipped out of nowhere and said he didn't want it anymore. He said he read articles about how addicted people get, he didn't even want me to read them, it must be bad :) I am over the moon. More time for us to spend together! Yesterday we watched TV (House) and held hands most of the time. This is good, I like this. Today he bought a new game, might as well because he needs something to do while the kids are asleep and I am scrapbooking. The new game is not multiplayer, this is important, this was the problem with WoW. Having the excuse there are other people waiting on you to have their fun, just adds to the addiction. Anyway, it WoW is gonne, we are turning the page, now onto other things, hopefully more productive things :)

(Alex "trying" to play World of Warcraft, a thing of the past?)

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Ian Connor said...

Oh my! This could be a picture of my DH and son! We are also moving away from WOW, but are doing the same thing you both are. How do we live so far apart but yet have such similar lives? LOL Hang in there with the $$$ luckily digi supplies don't expire or get used up!