Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bummer – tô triste

I am having second thoughts about work… Friday was not good. I mean, work was great, but I was not happy with the childcare and now I don’t know if I want my little Lucas to go through this. I am going to talk to my boss on Monday about working from home. If that doesn’t work out I will have a year off. I think we can afford it. What I cant afford is seeing my little one unhappy. What happened? Lots of little things through the day that ended up upsetting me, things that I sometimes ignore, but they just stacked on top of each other. In the morning there were preschoolers visiting the baby room, I got a bit worried because they aren’t that careful with babies, obviously. At 10AM, Lucas didn’t want a proper feed. Then when I arrived at lunch time, he was sleepy but they didn’t have a cot for him because there were too many kids on that Friday (lots of casuals were booked in). Then I came back at 3PM and found out the girls were letting him “cry it out” in the cot on the backroom. She said, “oh, he just woke up, we were about to get him”. My normal feeding time is 4PM, so I was there early and that made me wonder how they treat him when I am not there. He is always on someone’s lap when I get there, do they pick him up just because I am about to arrive? Anyway, worst of all, when I called worried sick at 4:45PM I was told he was sleepy, but they couldn’t put him down because at 5PM they “merge rooms” and she couldn’t leave him sleeping by himself in the babies room…. WHAT??? I pay care until 6PM and at 5PM it stops? Obviously I had to leave work early because I wouldn’t let him cry it out until I got there at 6PM…. So there you have it, that is why I am having second thoughts! ….. I was going to translate this but my mom would get too upset if she read it so… I am not! Looking forward to Mother’s day :) I think I need some happy times with my kids!

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