Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The kids are feeling a little bit better. Everyone is still sick though, including me now, blegh. Poor things, when I get sick after them I feel so sorry to know how they were feeling. I have a very sore throat and keep thinking of poor Lucas so uncomfortable with a sore throat and not able to let anyone know. That made taking him to care today extra hard.

So, still don’t quite know what to do with myself! Stop working? Work part time? Should Alex watch the kids? Should I just find another childcare (they are all full though). I was told today that working from home is not an option on my current job. They can’t support it. However, they will make pretty much any other deal. One suggestion was to just work one “night” a week from 3PM to 7PM. Maybe if Alex was home with the kids I wouldn’t feel so bad about leaving them, and maybe we could finally save some money. I might go with two nights to make it worth my while. Decisions…

I started a time capsule album, here is the "family" layout:


I want to print this one to put in my new frame *wink wink*

You can read the journaling here: Michelle, Alex, Mateus and Lucas.


Ana Paula said...

Oi, Michelle! Passei aqui no seu blog pra te conhecer melhor... a gente anda se esbarrando por esse mundo do scrap digital! ;) Vi que vc mora na Australia, eu recentemente mudei pro Canada... vamos trocar umas figurinhas? bjs!

Sandra S.Machado said...

Oi Michelle, seus scraps estão lindos! Adoro scrap digital também, tenho várias figuras, só não tive tempo de fazer. Bjs