Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lucas turned six months

Oh.. my..... God..... Where did the time go? I am already missing my little tiny baby so much. Lucas is so big now, he grew really quickly.

Lucas is blowing raspberries all the time. He likes playing with his feet. He smiles when he catches you looking at him. He loves watching his big brother. All these really sweet things just melt my heart.Lucas started solids two weeks ago and already has difficult appetite, just like his brother and dad. He will only eat what he feels like. Even nursing is a bit of a fight now; he doesn’t really want it during the day. He likes to nurse at night though. Lucas has big stretches of sleep just after 8PM, but from around midnight he wakes up every 3 hours for a feed. He loves to sleep on his back, he used to only sleep on his tummy but now he turns on his back and is happy. Lucas is on all fours all time, ready to crawl, but not quite there. He will drag himself around though, not quite sure how he does it but when I look again he moved somewhere else :)

Today I remembered how we had a PARTY for Mateus’ six months. Oh dear, celebrations yesterday stopped at hugs and smile :) We took Mateus to see Spiderman. Lucas got some daddy time while I was with Mateus at the movies for the first time. Spiderman 3 wasn’t a clever choice for a three year old, because it took too long, but he looooooooooves Spiderman so I had to take him. So, back to Lucas, today I felt bad for him and decided he needed a “birthday” present. I bought him a walker. I have been thinking about it and thought we could not afford one at the moment, but he deserves it, he never gets anything because he already has all of Mateus’ “old stuff”. So I went and bought the cheapest one I could find, and still it was one of my favourite ones (I always buy Pooh Bear stuff for the kids hehehe) When he saw it he squeeled and giggled and was jumping off my lap to get to it. He loves it so much! (he loved the one at childcare so I knew what I was doing LOL) Here it is:

That is it for me :) Have a great week everyone.

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Oh my goodness!! Your new layout is ADORABLE!!!! Those pics are priceless!

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