Saturday, May 26, 2007

Warcraft 0 x 1 Scrapbooking

This week we cancelled my World of Warcraft account… how crazy is that? If you talked to me 6 months ago you would never believed this was possible. I would love to have the money to just keep my account there… but we have to save and I have been Scrapbooking on the little spare time I have, so, bye bye Fei Aman (my night-elf hunter).
I am so glad I have found scrapbooking, even happier to have found digi-scrapping. I mean, when I was playing World of Warcraft I had lots of fun, but at the end of 3 hours I had nothing to show for it. How frustrating is that? I feel I was wasting my time. I am sorry to all my friends that play, the main objective is entertainment so it doesn’t really matter if you have something to show at the end of it, right? Well, I thought it did matter to me :)

Para felicidade geral da família (mamãe e sogrinha), eu cancelei minha conta de World of Warcraft. Acabou o “joguinho de computador” viu? Podem ficar felizes :) Agora vcs vão ter que aguentar o moooooonte de páginas de Scrapbook que eu vou criar no tempo que eu estaria jogando :)

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