Monday, May 14, 2007

Best mothers' day ever (almost)

Today was a great day. I needed a great day :)

I loved my presents!
I got a frame for my favorite scrapbook layouts:

And with the frame, I got a gorgeous layout made by Alex himself!

Credits here

Other than all that, I got this:

Alex said he has nothing to do with this one LOL

I also went on a shopping spree at Designer Digitals and Scrapartist, and can’t wait for the Shabby Princess’ shop anniversary celebrations.

Oh, talking about scrapbooking, during National Scrapbooking Day last weekend, I participated on the Designer Digitals all day chat! Got lots of Freebies but the coolest is that I got a subscription for Digital Scrapbooking for freeeee. Thanks to Jen Donelly :)

Ah, the *almost* remark was because the kids are sick, but not too bad! Just a cold! Hope they get well soon.


I did some cool layouts for my mom and mother in law (I think they are cool at least)

Credits here

Credits here

Happy mothers' day everyone :)


Ian Connor said...

This is so special! Happy Mother's Day! I'm so enjoying getting to virtually know you. -KatrinaK

britgirl said...

just such a fabulous layout by hubby there! how clever is he?!!

lynn said...

What a sweet husband you have. I can't imagine what a layout by my DH would look like LOL! Love those layouts of yours too.

Ian Connor said...

Check here to see Ian's real blog! = )We're a little blog happy around here!