Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quickpages vol II ~ my heart

mu heart store preview 1

Another set of quickpages I have created with Designs by Sue Cummings :) and since I am all “hybrid scrapbooking girl” lately, have a look at this little gift I did for a friend:

myheart (1)

myheart (2)

myheart (6)

myheart (7)

myheart (8)

myheart (16)

I don’t have instruction for it this time, it was a bit "involved" LOL but I have uploaded larger photos to flickr, so if you click on the images and then into "all sizes" at the top, you will be able to see more detail!

I like the result, girly enough, I don’t get to do girly often :)


Gabi Butcher said...

Gente que album MARAVILHOSO!!! Mi vc. tem uma criatividade e um bomgosto únicos!!!

Ana Amorim said...

Ficou UM SONHO!! Assino em baixo do que a Gabi disse. Teu talento é único, sou sua fã número 1 - presidente do fã clube! :)


Camila said...

Mi, que coisa mais linda esse 'album!! Nossa, ficou lindo demais!!! Quem dera eu soubesse fazer essas coisas!hehehe

Bek said...

I just stumbled on your blog today and I am so amazed by your beautiful photography, your beautiful scrapbooking talent. Gorgeous blog, very inspiring. Thank you for that :)

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Nossa, Mi! Tá maravilhoso, concordo com tudo oq já comentaram, vc é super talentosa! Parabéns!

-> Obrigada pelo selinho, comentei lá no post! :)

Susie Roberts said...
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