Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick pages or quick templates?

So, me and Lili came up with a new product idea. Designing for this lady is just too much fun! We decided to offer templates already embellished. A file with everything you need to just slot in your photos and call it done, but remember, it is a psd file, and you can change the papers, add or remove embellishments, use the paper pieces as masks, the possibilities are endless. I am so curious to see what people think of this new idea! Here are the first two in store right now:

Quick Templates

sharing grapes you will always have each other

You can buy them here.

So, didn't I mention working with Lili is fun? I am going to be away for NSD, but before I go, I will try to post an awesome freebie that Lili suggested I share with you. I hope you like it, I am too excited :)

... on a more personal note

Can you believe I have sent my two boys to childcare today??? Our time together day :( I feel bad... but I HAD to! It is their fault for not letting me do anything, right? LOL

I just REALLY needed to tidy up around the house. I have loads of laundry to go through, literally. I have put away TWO baskets of clean clothes that were around since last week, plus done two loads of washing and there are two more at least. Matty has wet his bed every day for the past 5 days, that is a lot of laundry :( There is stuff to be sorted and toys in hidden places and my scrapbooking stuff is all over the dining table.

I have someone to come and clean tomorrow but if things are not tidy she will not touch and she won’t move things to clean them, meaning that if there are toys on a little corner, they will stay there and that corner won’t get cleaned... ewww, hate that!

This week is Little Dreamer Designs 1st year birthday, they are having a sale and I am helping out with the challenges. Plus, today we have Mateus’ swimming class, and a friend came over from Brisbane so we will have dinner together. And to top it off, we are going away this weekend for ANZAC day.

So, as you can see, I HAD to send my babies away so I could organize the daily mess that THEY have created and I have not done anything about for the last week or so, and there was just no way I would let it accumulate till next week. So... that’s it, I think I am trying to convince myself it is ok... LOL

Hope you are having a great week!


Lili said...

E vc não deixou pra amanhã! hehe Não se sinta culpada, Mi! Vc é uma só! E tenho certeza que eles se divertiram um monte na creche! :)

vinnie said...

your layouts are stunning M! breathtaking!

Katrina said...

Sometimes you just need some mom time...even if that means time to do the laundry :)

You're becoming a celeb Michelle! Glad I can say I knew you when :)