Wednesday, April 9, 2008

don't be fooled

Wednesdays are supposed to be a day of catching up and housework. A day to cross off stuff from the to do list and spend some time with the kids. A day I love to fit in some crafting and getting everything done early so I can go to bed early... well, not today, something happened today.... Lucas happened today!

POD 05/03/08

I mean, don’t be fooled by his angel face and sweeeet smile, this boy is a handful and today he was at his worst. Just holding on to my leg and not wanting me to do anything else besides hold him (that’s sweet but I had stuff to do). He gets in between me and the computer, me and the sink, me and whatever else I am doing, physically he gets in front of me and keep trying to pull himself up. To top it off, he is getting into mischief non stop, he keeps trying to get things and get into places he is not supposed to. Ok, what else did he do today:

Unrolled the toilet paper, two seconds that I went to get Mateus’ underwear and left the door open he got in and unrolled the toilet paper all over the place.

Emptied his juice bottle/ his milk bottle/ his water bottle on whatever surface he was on (including cot and carpet) Spilled juice everywhere, I go chasing around him wanting to grab the bottle from him, and he wails when I do. I try to make him understand he can’t turn it upside down and shake it LOL but yeah, half the time I have to take it away from him :(

Spread muffin crumbs through the WHOLE house, including his bedroom and the bathroom, and he did an especially good job in the sofa, sticking the crumbs in between the cushions.

He didn’t nap today, he cried most of the time he was tired. I tried to put him down and even lay down with him, but he only rested for 20 minutes, tops.

He had 1/5 of his lunch and proceeded to want mine and then spit it out after the third spoon full. Have I mentioned he is especially skilled at spitting things out? He makes sure there is no way you can reach the food before it reaches your clothes!

I love the little guy, but he is getting on my nerves, and the little brat has his way with me, he gets a lot of what he wants with complimentary kisses from me, grrrr.

Mateus, to balance it off, was a little angel today. He gave me a little trouble to finish off lunch, but other than that I can’t complain, especially while Lucas is on the house, I can’t complain LOL
When Alex arrived I begged him to take them away, I just needed an hour to tidy up. Gosh! Please tell me I am not crazy, do your kids sometimes get on your nerves so bad you just want time out?


Daniela said...

Are all boys named Lucas made of the same material?

Acho que sim, pq vc descreveu meus piores dias, viu. Affe, Tem dias que nem Buda aguenta!

Força aí!

Gabi Butcher said...

Mi you make me laugh!!! I know exactly the feeling and if we say something people look weird at us LOL... kids with this angelic faces are only fooling the ones that are not around them LOL... Rebeca is the same...

Have a great night (or a great day that is arriving!)


Lisa Hanks said...

So sorry! My day for trouble was yesterday..... At the end of the day I sat with the kids all yelling at me, sitting and listening to music hoping it would all go away LOL. Tomorrow is another day.... WAIT, don't think of that LOL

Dúnia said...

Mi, esses meninos, são assim mesmo, O Yuri tem dias que socoroooo, mas acho que é isso que encanta neles rs. Tô cada dias mais apaixonada por suas fotos!!!

Mic said...

Putz, acho que no final das contas quarta-feira é o dia do trabalho e os outros dias é que são do descanso, não? rs

Compra aqueles copos de válvula pro Lucas, assim ele não derruba!


Cíntia Levita said...

Menina... que espoleta esse Lucas, héin? Te indiquei ao selo "é um blog muito bom, sim senhora!" Beijos!

Katrina said...

LOL! I'm reading this at midnight as Ian sits on the couch watching a video because he woke up and hour ago screaming and after 30 minutes of trying to comfort him decided I'd just get up and let him have his way! ahhh boys

too soon they will be men still iritating us with their crumbs and clinginess ;)

Alex said...

Answering your question, my kids do drive me crazy, but their mom always pushes them to me.

By Lady Aymi said...

Mi, que lindo seu blog! Cada foto show! bjs

Elker said...

Sim, Michele... vc não está só... até as mais doces princesinhas têm dias de arrasar quarteirão... aguenta firme :)