Monday, April 7, 2008

Photos and pro flickr

I had to go pro at flickr, because I had way too many photos LOL, I am having such a hard time selecting photos, I can’t just go, ok, THIS ONE is my favourite of the bunch... my kiddos are too cute ;)

However, I managed to pick a favourite for this afternoon (last weekend of March), one of Lucas:

Photo of the Day 08/04/08

But then there were many others I loved:

The tree:

IMG_3678 IMG_3674


IMG_3530-2 IMG_3537-2

More Lucas:
IMG_3567-2 IMG_3564-2

My boys just have so much fun, ALL the time:
IMG_3571-2 IMG_3569-2

Love them to bits:

IMG_3697 IMG_3694
Oops, it is so late, past midnight, I am heading to bed and will post the rest of the photos tomorrow. I have been losing the battle against the bad routine and the kids kept me awake last night, It was so bad I barely worked today, fingers crossed I get some sleep and get to work early tomorrow :)

Hope you are all having a great week.


Léa said...

Wow, cada foto maravilhosa!!! Amei todas...

Gabi Butcher said...

Maravilhosas!!! O Flickr PRO vale o preço!!! É muito bom e não tem restrições.



Léa said...

Oi de novo, agora retribuindo o selinho, passa lá no meu blog para ver, beijos Léa

Lili said...

Maravilhosas essas fotos, Mushy!!!

Cíntia Levita said...

Arrasou! Fotos maravilhosas!!!

Anonymous said...

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Emilie said...

WOW! These pics are simply gorgeous, Michelle!!! :)