Monday, April 21, 2008

DST & DAM toot

I was featured at the Digishoptalk Newsletter this month, what an honour!!! It is such a huuuuuge community and they pick one scrapper every week to be featured (thread here) and then highlighted on their newsletter (donwload here, you have to be logged in). So, of 52 scrappers picked in a year, I can say I am one of them ;)

DST toot

This reminds me, I did this Quickpage pack for Sue Cummings and never posted it here. The earlier version of the page was also featured in the DST newsletter(as you can see above) so I think it is about time I post it in my own blog, right? ;)

your laugh color my world happy

You can find it here.

I had a layout featured at the March edition of the Digital Artist Magazine, under the trends section. Here it is:

love you

I think maybe this rough cutout thing will be a trend in the future... maybe? I know I love to do it :) what do you think?


Camila said...

Nunca tentei recortar a foto daquele jeito! Vou experimentar ;)

Gabi Butcher said...

Lindas páginas MI!
Eu já fiz uma com o corte assim e ADOREI o resultado!!! Fica bem colagem e dá um toque mais real... pelo menos para mim que sou tosca com a tesoura... :P



Lili said...

Parabéns, Mushy!!! Com certeza esse tipo de recorte vai virar febre! Estou vendo em todo lugar. Clipes, propagandas, revistas!! Vanguardista vc! :)

Anonymous said...

Eu acho totalmente tendência, já te disse. A salvação das trêmulas. Ainda não tentei, mas tenho que fazer isso um dia desses...

Léa said...

Parabéns pelos toots!!!

Lor said...

Sending a huge CONGRATS on being featured! I saw that first LO of yours and was drooling; it's awesome! I am a total fan of brights! :)

Ana Reis said...

Eu comprei a DAM de abril e vi o porta lápis lá, que demais !! Parabéns por todo o reconhecimento Mi, às vezes nem acredito que te conheço pessoalmente, que chiiiiiiiique !!