Thursday, May 1, 2008

Simplifying -> are you going to forget me?

One week since my last post... and it is May already.. where did April go? (do I say that every month? LOL)

I am going to try and blog once a week, but I have set up routine for myself. Forums twice a week, blogging once a week (but then, maybe I’ll do back posts) galleries when I have new LOs. I don’t know when I am going to be able to visit blogs, it has been over a week and I got overwhelmed by the quantity of new posts, I just had a quick look around but left no comments, I feel bad for that :(

Scrapping... when I am not doing all these other things, my time has to be divided into digital pages for CTs, hybrid projects and challenges. Challenges... oh, I have mentioned here a couple of times I LOVE challenges. I know at least 20 weekly sources of challenges, from designer blogs, to stores and the Digidare. In the very beginning I wanted to do all of them... but I haven't been able to... so my new goal is to get at least one done every week. In my current situation, one a week is plenty.

To further help out the simplifying thing, I left two Creative Teams that I LOVED, oscraps and thedigichick. I am going to miss it, but I honestly am happy to just buy their stuff if I feel I have the time to use it, they do awesome stuff I really don't mind paying for ;)

Flickr, as if I had any spare time I joined flickr and got hooked. So far I haven't joined too many groups for fear of getting even more addicted. I am going to try and update my flickr every week, there is no lack of photos for that ;) Oh, photos, I have controlled myself pretty well I would say, but still went over 1000 last month (not counting the zillions of photos I took of the hybrid stuff)

Talking about photos, I have loads of photos of April to share, and I just noticed I haven’t posted any :( so I am just going to show you a couple of old ones today and hope to catch up with April before May finishes LOL These photos were taken at the lake close to my place:

IMG_3955 IMG_3939
Mateus didn’t stop for one second, so there are not many sharp pictures of him, just a blur here and there on the pictures LOL

IMG_3956 IMG_3961
Love the setting, and the light here (and someone was in a serious need of a haircut)

IMG_3968 IMG_3969
All too happy to have his pictures taken :)

Cheeky :)

Then he got tired and went exploring.

And then I scrapped some of the photos, of course ;)
impatient fun laughter and love
Back to the start of the post....There is just one thing that I am worried about: am I going to be forgotten?
I do scrapbooking for my family and for myself. But the community, the praise, the awards, the prizes, being published, being in the spotlight, there is no denying, it is all a big incentive for me to create MORE. If I just wanted to record my memories in beautiful scraps I would probably just sit for three months planning a beautiful album with all the best moments of a year. Instead, I create a page at a time so I can share with the community; get some praise, some input, some approval! Now, if I am simplifying, posting less, blogging less, doing less, participating less, what is going to happen? Am I going to be forgotten? Maybe. Probably. I worry about that, but at the same time, I know I have to learn to live without EVERYONE's approval. I don't NEED to show my "stuff" for it to be nice, I have to learn that I am the one that has to like it and that's it! But it is hard, that is not who I am, I want approval, I want praise, and once again I hit that reality wall, you just can't have everything.


Erica said...

Isso é tão difícil Michelle! Eu queria ter a sua força de vontade. Pelo menos aos pouquinhos eu vejo que eu estou conseguindo melhorar. Já não tenho aquela ânsia de fazer 50 posts em um dia no ScrapArtist. Existem muitas outras coisas além do scrap na vida. Queria ser como você, de verdade. Ter essa força de conseguir entra em fóruns só duas vezes por semana e coisa e tal.

Anonymous said...

Eu espero que vc nunca pare de blogar, pq vc escreve coisas com as quais eu me identifico tanto e que me fazem pensar sobre os meus próprios hábitos. Viver sem aprovação, sem aquele thrill de cada novo LO pra mim é muito difícil. E eu me preocupo com isso, mas não consigo me conter. Sabe quantos LOs eu já fiz essa semana? 6. Sabe quantos eu ainda tenho na minha lista? 4. Fala se não é um exagero?

Obrigada pelas reflexões. E pelo eye candy, vc é demais!

Katrina said...

Michelle who? :-) hehehe
I could never forget you silly! You are my scrapping buddy who I have plans on meeting someday, so I'll check in and see what is happening in your world. I completely understanding scaling back...seems like things just get crazier the older the kiddo gets, so with two I can just imagine what it must be like for you. Take photos, keep in touch and I'll be looking for you my friend!

joelsgirl_Kellie said...

Awww...miss you? for sure! forget you? no way! i hope it works; i'd go into withdrawals, lol.

Cleidi said...

Linda, ando sem tempo pra nada, mas passar no teu blog sempre é um colírio para os olhos.
Beijos amiga, você me judia postando só em inglês, mas vou retomar meu curso de idiomas na facul aí eu não choro mais! eheheh