Sunday, May 25, 2008

a nice phone call

Mom called just now. Last week I called her and complained she never calls and she has no plans of visiting this year, so tonight she called. She said she loved me and we only talked about my family back in Brazil and me. She pointed out how she didn’t ask about the kids just before she hung up LOL We only talk about the boys when she calls, but not tonight. It felt good, I talked about the digital scrapbooking stuff and getting into LDD and SA Creative teams. She doesn’t quite understand how it all works but she says she loves the results anyway. She is praying for more good news for me. At the moment, bad things and good things are very balanced in my life. I am hoping to get less bad news so I can enjoy all the good stuff more. Most annoying thing at the moment is that my washing machine looks broken... and I didn’t do the washing on Wednesday which was the right day. So, I am in trouble to say the least ;)

Ok, onto scrapbooking, always better news when I am taking about scrapbooking LOL.

My new mini album is ready, can’t wait to share it with you! I am in love with it!!! Can't take my eyes off of it. Just going to wait until it is at the store so I can give out the link :) In the meantime, another sneak peek:

*************************removed for publication*************************


Jackie E. said...

HUGE COngrats, Michelle!! Love your album and can't wait to see the rest! Hope more good things come your way! :)

Catherine said...

Congrats Michelle on your win, totally deserved! All your hybrid project are just so amazing! This album is just incredible! and i am sure more good things will come your way!

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.