Sunday, May 4, 2008


The title of this post was Happy NSD - Garoto Sapeca - Freebie - for Miles - Be gentle.... but I didn’t think that would make much sense, so let me explain ;) I wanted to do something for Miles Day (read about it on Kellie’s blog), I missed the day but I still wanted to "pass it forward" and make someone smile. So I thought about National Scrapbooking Day and how it would be another excuse to give out a Freebie. I am no designer, but I have plans of creating lots of templates to give away here, however, I wanted something more, not just a template. Suddenly I had a light bulb moment, oh!!! My apprentice entry. I applied for the Apprentice program at Little Dreamer Designs and didn’t get in, but I still have the kit here. Why didn’t I share it before? Well, that is the "be gentle" part. I am a little bit embarrassed by it. It is not great. But anyway, no time to try and redo it, and I am "over it" and ok to share. Just, no need for feedback, I don’t want to know if you didn’t like it, LOL.
Anyway, here it is:

Link HERE. I added 3 little things to the freebie, a paper, a piece of twill and a wordart in portuguese (Garoto Sapeca translates to cheeky boy in Portuguese).


*runs for cover*


Erica said...

Muito obrigada Mi! Esse kit está muito fofo.

Léa said...

Obrigada Michelle, ainda não baixei pois não estou em casa, mas se eu não gostar eu não te falo, tá? Brincadeirinha, já adorei a wordart, cai perfeitamente pro Otávio, e tenho certeza que vou gostar do resto... Beijos Léa

kicksmom said...

Applause for your kit and thank you for sharing.

Dúnia said...

Mi amei seu kit obrigado por compartilhar!!!

Penn Family said...

I just adore you!! You sure have brought a smile to my face tonight! Thank you for doing're the sweetest!!!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Miii, que fofo esse kit! Obrigada!
Beijos, Cá!

Cleidi said...

Como tá chique essa minha amigaaa!!!

Linda, já baixei, obrigada, eu amei!

Beijos pra vcs