Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching up

I missed out on all the fun of NSD, I tried to participate on the DD chats but things were not too good around here. After an argument with hubby, Lucas got sick. He got worse and worse till I had to take him to the doctor on Monday. Doctor said he was almost “hospital material” and diagnosed him with Asthma, but said we would be able to cope at home. I returned the next day to check if he was on the right course and didn’t need a hospital stay. Thankfully, he is fine, we just need to finish a course of antibiotics and monitor the condition. I think he doesn’t have asthma, but I am no doctor LOL I think it is just bronchitis, but anyway, now both kids are considered “asthmatic”. Mateus just started to get sick today. It is always like that isn’t it? When one starts to get better the other gets sick. Everything is under control though, and I feel I have caught up with a LOT of real life stuff today, just the scrapping seems to have backed up a little. Ack!!

And to finish off, I promised myself to try and post the photos from last month every time I remember so I can catch up. Here are some from the 19th of April. Scouting this pretty place for some photos with a friend (they turned out so cute, her little girl is gorgeous):


IMG_4454 IMG_4455
leaves leaves
IMG_4433 IMG_4434
Hope you are having a great week :)


Ana Reis said...

Lindas fotos, essas do Mateus abrançando o Lucas estão demais ! bjs

Anonymous said...

Uau! Cada foto mais linda! Que luz mais divina!

Eu tb perdi o NSD, aff!

Saúde para os meninos!
Beijos, Cá!

Garynka said...

Hope your little ones get well soon! I know how it is - one is sick, the second one immediately too :(
Beautiful photos, Michelle!!! That's funny, we have cherries in bloom here and you have fantastic fall colors (I'm a fall girl, just love this season).
Have a wonderful day!!!

scrappity said...

Thanks for sharing your experience about lightroom. I've known about it but never looked into it any further, but you have sold me on it :)