Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winners winners winners

Hi, sorry I am a couple of hours late with this, but last night I literally passed out at 8PM. Totally unusual for me, but I was just really tired. So, that ate away at my scrapping time and “everything else” time.

I am so happy with the response to the Kaisercraft giveaway post, really surprised by everyone’s choices, I am totally going to work on the albums mentioned, thank you!!! The Skull Album is ready and at the store (more about that tomorrow) and the Fancy Flower Album is going into the store this weekend. And next I will be working on the House album :)

After so many replies I felt really bad to give just one album away. So, I am going to change the giveaway slightly. I randomly picked two winners and they will get their pick of favourite albums instead of the castle albums.

And the winners are (drum roll)

Chirstina (haloe)
I am assuming it is Christina, not Chirstina hehehe
She will get a Wings Album and a 10 dollar coupon to my store.


Jessica (justJess)
She will get a Train Album and a 10 dollar coupon to my store.

Can you please e-mail me at michelle(at)familiafilo(dot)com with your shipping info?

I REALLY wish I could afford the postage to send everyone an album, but the postage is a killer from here in Australia. Thanks so much for the kind words and comments; it keeps me willing to share my stuff around :)

I am thinking about organizing myself to sell these albums on my blog and help out people that have no access to them whatsoever. It will probably work out more expensive than buying from Cherry On Top, but I am not sure if everyone can buy from them. Thoughts on this are appreciated :)


Ann-Marie said...

lucky duck winners LOL!! Thx for letting me know about my links on my blog Michelle LOL! Glad to hear all went well with your CATscan too :)

Jessica said...

I can't believe I won! :D Thanks so much and I will send you an email with my info. I too am glad to hear that the CATscan went well, and I hope you feel better soon!