Monday, October 6, 2008

Templates round up

Hi everyone

I am always blown away by the creativity of the scrappers out there and I wanted to show everyone what was created with my templates. But it has become too much and too time consuming so unfortunately this will be the last of the free templates round ups. Now I have to start chasing the ones people bought at the shoppe :)

So, check out the amazing talent:

trplayround Bougies summertime50 Beauty166 splishsplash15
pijama-web glamour_chick_v2 always-learning1 daddys_helper3 Splish_Splash_web
my-girls21 Cali_Cryma_233_Template_Mushy ben6 DVD_watching_web happy5bday_sm
2007-10_alice_in_wonderland_copy daddysboy_sm SPIN_ME_DADDY sweet_smile_ana dream-in-colour
Play162 zoo71 Myfaces_Leon_500 first-haircut-4web Digi_Dare_101
mf_myboytemplate2 SCHOOLL_copy lovemonster1 leafhunting1 hoot-600
MyPrince_LO600 362_dans_son_bain_copie julka4 ah2pro_web2 bibliophile
Ferris-Wheel1 beforetheycan like_no_other2 sun_150 ondesigns19_zm
Too-Cool9 cinn-pes mf_myboytemplate1 Beautiful-web1 Traci_CPBrian_web
Pepe1ano_600 differentfaces_small FALL78 ella12 aug24spotlight_web
CELEBRATE45 summer-fun221 bb070908web1 Nancy-_-Kris-web test_drive
cool-summer your_many_faces1 7th-Month-Raegan-_L_ 7th-Month-Rogan-_R_ love412
Hope you are having a great week :)


fun fliffy said...

i am so glad i found ur blog today,..really inspiring and full of fun fun scrap techniques..i love them all...ur works are the absolute adorable !! keep it up :) thanks for the tips n tricks lol

~Julie~ said...

Thank you for the awesome tempalte and for showing my layout here on your blog

Laura K. said...

Wow thanks! It was so flattering to see the pages I made here! I almost NEVER use templates so it was a big deal that I loved yours so much! So much I plan to check out the others for sale!

Laura (bookofsnow)

*Zuska* said...

wooow..BIG thank you, Michelle for posting my page on your blog..It´s honor for me :)..Your templates are awesome! :)

Trude said...

Wow thanks for using my page! Loved that template so much! :)

bascrapr said...

Thanks so much for posting my layout here. I absolutely love that template and plan on using it again. It's so versatile!

Anonymous said...

Michelle....I've just loved seeing them all!! I was so excited when you made a template of the one from the magazine. I had saved it because I was going to try to lift it anyway! I've bought all the ones in your shop too, so those are next!! Here is the one I just uploaded today with your freebie.
Thanks again so your blog!