Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scrapbooking Memories Toot

Way back in February, before I ever thought about designing or that I would ever be with the Little Dreamer Designs amazing team, I got an e-mail from Scrapbooking Memories inviting me to design their free paper and alpha for the month of September. It was quite a shock. I have being published in the magazine a couple of times but never thought myself capable of designing anything (still don't, LOL); so I went hard at work to design something suitable. My first attempt was a disgrace, my second attempt was too simple and subtle, and they wanted something really flowery and colorful. So my third attempt was ok, but they asked me twice to include more flowers... well, I kinda like it except that many flowers are not my cup of coffee, but I was ever so proud to finally see it in print (the colors are a bit weird in the photo).

me and free paper

If you have access to the Magazine, it was Vol.10 No.06.

me and mag

I have another super toot I am dieing to share, but only tomorrow :)


Kate said...

That is SO exciting!! Congratulations!! (I'm a lurker around here).

I'm extra excited because I think this is one of the issues I have a layout in, so I will get the paper too.. YAY!!!!

Kevin and Amy said...

Hurray! How exciting! The paper is gorgeous:)

Anonymous said...

Miiii! Que máximo, nossa, fantástico! Adorei o papel, ficou lindo, super fresh. Ai, eu queria tanto achar uma revista dessas por aí, ia sair carregando por aí e dizendo: tá vendo esse papel, eu conheço a designer!
Hiihihi... Tou orgulhosa de vc!

charlie said...

woohoo..i have 2 copies of that mag(one was a freebie) and that paper is super your blog by the to read a nd see what fellow Aussies are up too..hope you get more "me" time soon!

Vera said...

Congratulations on having your designs out there:)

Gabi said...

I told you you will be famous one day :)LOVE the paper!
Congratulation, my friend!!!! Can I tell people that I know that famous hybrid queen and now designer?! :)

WTG, Michelle!!!


domestic goddess said...

hoo, how excting Michelle, its my fav australian magazine!!

Louise said...

Sheeesh girl you are Waay toaaa Cool!!! LOL Can I say I know someone famous now tooo? :) :)


ana reis said...

Mi, ficou demais esse papel !! Parabéns pelo Toot !

Mil beijos