Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fairy Castle Album

I have titled this project "Magic Kingdom", it is all about Lucas and his time in our home (and how it can be a magic kingdom). I have been doing too many projects with Mateus so I thought I should make an effort to include Lucas LOL. Mateus did love it too, but complained that there were no photos of him in the album... oops. It is easy to get this little one jealous :) Anyway, here is my Fairy Castle Album:

Fairy Castle

Fairy Castle

Fairy Castle

Fairy Castle

Fairy Castle

Finally found the time to finish this off last week. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do with this album, but once I decided, it was quick. I really like the colours and you can see in this project how much I loooove buttons :) You can click on the images to go to flickr for credits, and there are more close ups posted there.

As usual, the template is available at Little Dreamer Designs.: Hybrid Scrapbooking Magic No 09.

Hybrid Magic 09 - Fairy Castle Album

I am very proud of this template, I faded each photo mask by hand so it has a nice vintage/ blended look to the background, just like the old story books used to have, love it!

I also have a giveaway I am posting soon. Check back later :)


Across the Miles Photography said...

Wow Michelle!!! This is incredible! Your children are so lucky to have so many amazing things created about them!

I've missed you & the rest of the scrapbooking world here lately! I've been so crazy busy I feel like I haven't scrapped in forever!

Anonymous said...

Mi, ficou lindo demais! Seu talento pra distribuir fotos e elementos nesse álbuns é inigualável. Amei!

Léa said...

Que álbum mais maravilhoso!!! Amei!!!

Melissa said...

This is amazing!

Jaque said...

Além de o álbum estar maravilhoso, as fotos ficaram um espetáculo - excelente idéia! Parabéns!

Aggie said...

OMG Michelle, this is beyond fabulous!!!!!

sylv said...

So very, very pretty!

Luciana said...

Mi, the castle is wonderful!!!

Love, Lu.

Alice said...

WOw ! Michelle this is so beautiful ! I'm sure Lucas loved it ! I' must be so wonderful for them to be able to read these albums any time they want. They'll know forever how much you love them ! Thanks for sharing !!!
I wish i could do the same.... LOL

Harumi said...

Que album maravilhoso Mi!!!!!! Como sempre, né?? :)

Dani Alencar said...

Amei de coração esse album!!! My God!!! Lindo de viver!!! Comprei o template e vou criar coragem... to pensando no tema de bailarina... o castelo da bailarina... preciso de mais fotos da Nô com o tema... brigada pela inspiração e pelo template e pela dica de onde comprar o album... bjus!

Anonymous said...

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