Saturday, July 28, 2007

Worse than being sick

There is just one thing that can be worse than the week I just had.
One thing worse than a very sore body, feeling cold, having hot flushes, nausea, a crazy headache, terribly sore throat accompanied by a dreadful cough, and an overall feeling that you were hit by a truck......... and that thing is the realisation that your kids got the virus that just kept you wishing to stay in bed for the previous week.
I am not even 100% yet, not even close, just the thought that my little babies are going through a fraction of what I have just been through is VERY upsetting.
I know that, if you are a mom, you will relate to this: I would give anything to change places with them, I would give ANYTHING to be able to suffer through all of that again, so my kids don’t have to..... but alas… I don’t have that power.
Now I just have to put on a brave face, so they won’t see how much I am upset to see them so sick, and hope for the best...


Katrina said...

I hope you are all better soon.

Ana Paula said...

Tadinhos, Mi.. melhoras pros dois. Logo logo eles vao ficar bons de novo. vc vai ver! Bjs!