Monday, July 2, 2007

Scrapbooking news and a freebie!!!!

I got a bit more praise these last few weeks:

ah man, just over the moon with those.. but the best was yet to come:

The first Brazilian blog… yeah! Do you remember me tooting I won a kit by Lisa Whitney for a challenge at the Scrapblog? Well, looks like the girls really like my stuff because… I WAS INVITED TO JOIN THE CREW… wow wow how cool is that? I mean, that is going to be loads and loads of fun because those girls are just so nice and so talented. Also, now I have an excuse to write in Portuguese, and if you like scrapbooking but dont like my ramblings in english you can check stuff there hehehe :)

and now onto a little enabling:

Funky Free by Amy Marty and Dani Mogstad
Dani released her new kit, but I cant show you my page yet :P So, go make one of your own LOL:

Freebie by me at the Hawt Mama's blog!!
I created a desktop wallpaper with Traci Reed’s goodies and we are giving it away on our new team blog!Please bookmark the blog and come visit often :) I will also remind you once I post there :)

Now...bedtime :P

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Anonymous said...

It is Thursday already, and no post? Come on Michelle, I've been waiting for so long now...

Your family is cute!