Monday, July 9, 2007


MIA= Missing in Action brasileirada :)

so yeah, I have, not really, I never meant to be a hardcore blogger :) so once a week is plenty! but still, since someone asked where the hell was I :) here I am LOL

I have been working crazy to try and get an album done by the 15th. It is Mateus first year album and it is all double pages of each month, lots of fun and lots of work and I have very little time to finish it. Here is what I have done so far:
Everything by Dani Mogstad (yep, seriously!)
So, I need to do month 11, 12, a cover for the book, and if I have time I want to do his first birthday party (which I am not doing in the 12 month spread), maybe another title page and redoing month two because it really doesn't go with the rest :P

I am going to find a way to show you these pages close up, they look MUCH better closer :) OK, see you when I am done :)

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Ana Paula said...

Mi, o album vai ficar LINDO!!! Nossa, que paginas lindas... parabens!

Cíntia Levita said...

Mi, eu vim dar uma espiadinha no seu cantinho e me apaixonei pelas páginas do album do seu baby! Meninaaa, está divino! Mostra mesmo como ficam dobradas pois estou curiosa. E vc vai imprimir como? AI que curiosidade!

Penelope said...

Hi there! A new reader here...found you on Lanne's friend's little boy has the same allergies as your little boy (I was there for the first reaction), and now I find another of my best friends works for the ABS too!

Loving your work, that album is fantastic I got to 3 months for my daughter and am now...15 months behind ROFL!

Ian Connor said...

I love seeing all of his pages together! They are just beautiful Michelle!

Marcela said...

Fiquei encantada com o álbum. Ficou lindo demais! São páginas duplas?