Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Renewed love

I was so scared when I noticed my kids were sick that I almost freaked out. Went to the doctors only to be told: hey, calm down, it is a cold, it is viral, nothing you can do, just ride it out. They have no infection so no antibiotics for them but I should be relieved about that, not upset I can’t give them anything! Guess what? They are doing much better than I anticipated, they are sick, yes, but they are still smiley happy kids with their moments. Today I just really really lived for them, just went from cuddling one to cuddling the other and it was great. Yes, I didn’t get to scrap and there is loads of housework now, but it was well worth it, they are feeling better, and I am feeling better :)
This is a little quickpage from Shabby Miss Jenn. I was going to let you know she was having a CT call but by the time I finished sending her an e-mail she had to close the call, I knew she would be overwhelmed with replies, it is one awesome opportunity :)

Better go get some scraping done, I still need to do this week’s digidare :)

ETA: OMG, did I just read AUGUST!!!!!!!!!???????? Where did half the year go????

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Katrina said...

Oh my! They are too cute in this picture. Glad they are doing better :) Cute page too.