Sunday, July 1, 2007

News (the non scrapping kind)

First, it has been a crazy week, I am probably forgetting some stuff so, will post about it later if I do :)

Ok, Lucas has been growing like crazy, this week he decided he didn’t want to be toothless anymore, I think it was the layout I did about loving his gummy smile, so his first tooth came out LOL Off course now I am freaking out about nursing him and getting bitten haha, hope it doesn’t happen because we offer him the bottle almost every day and he is still not keen, but if he bits me he will have no option LOL
Also!!!! He is crawling!!! We picked up on video, how exciting, you will have to wait to see it when I upload, crawling pictures are boring, you can’t see the action, but maybe I will get a layout done soon :)

And last but not least… I QUIT WORK.. well, not really but yeah, I just asked for eight months leave. It was a hard decision. Hubby got a new job and can’t leave early for me to work anymore. Childcare for both kids is so expensive it is not worth for me to work... well, I hope it all works out when Mateus starts school next year. At least I get more time to scrap (pfft yeah sure)

Hope you had a great weekend, I am off to bed, scrapping news on Monday :) (if I get the time to blog hehehe)

But before I go, some eye candy:

(just had to get some scrapping on this post LOL)


Ana Paula said...

Eu adoraria poder ficar em casa, se eu pudesse, Mi. Realmente child care pra duas crianças não deve ser fácil... com uma eu já estou achando caro! Imagina duas!

Grego said...

Oi, Mi!

Legal saber de vocês.

Esse texto é letra de música? Qual?