Friday, December 12, 2008

This is it.

We got the keys, we went to the new place tonight. I took a bunch of photos of the boys running around, they are sooooo excited!!! Tomorrow morning a removalist come to get the furniture, we already took a couple of things over. Tomorrow we also have a BBQ at lunchtime and a DressUp party at night. It is going to be THE busiest day! But so cool :)
I am about to take the computer apart to take to the new place and I don’t think I can get back online tomorrow just because it will be busy, but maybe Sunday. I also hope the wireless internet works all right.

So before I go, let me share my latest page for the OLW blog. The word this week is miracle:


I created it using the Gift of Hope kit by Leora Sanford, it is another benefit kit for Ryley, a little girl with cancer. They are going through some tough times, so if you have an to spare, please get the kit, you will be helping and will receive some super cute scrapping goodies to boot ;)

Since my previous page was a big whinge about not getting that perfect photo for my Christmas card, I decided to make a matching page with all the other photos that are not good enough but oh so cute :)

Christmas shutterbug

White background on both pages totally inspired by Dúnia, her style is so awesome, have a look at her 2009 Calendar:

simply amazing isn't it? you can leave her some love here.

ok, looks like I am having a hard time parting with my computer :) but I have to get back to packing... see you on “the other side” Have a great weekend everyone!


soffy said...

Hi Michele... good luck with the new house... i am very happy for you and that the old one was sell too!!... i know you will be offline somedays so i want you get this with my best wishes for you and your sweet boys and the rest of the family!.. i want to thanks you for all the help and because you always answer my mails... and now i got the epson printer ... the same as you!! thanks for the advice and i am so happy doing alll the things from your templates!! I get some of the wood things at kaisercrafts from Usa store the one you wrote in your blog and i am so happy making hibrid things!!!... you inspire me with your pretty things! a big hug from Colombia.. Soffy

Meka said...

Congrats on the move. It's so exciting. I came to your blog today looking for a post about your PencilLines 115 Layout and/or sketch. I couldn't find one, so I'm posting here just to say that I love your style and I recognized it right away. Your pages always seem to balance detail with simplicity, something I'm trying hard to do these days. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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