Wednesday, December 3, 2008



My page for the last One Little Word was picked their favorite. I always mention how much I love the inspiration there right? I need something to help me focus, blogs like OLW and Pencil Lines are perfect for this. This page was easy to put together, it was a "feeling" more than anything. I have to say it is one of my favorite pages of Lucas, it is SO him :)

UPDATE: got finger pointed with this page too :) right here.


I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now... just thinking of all that is happening on the next two weeks, and more things keep coming up. Today I found out about two more parties..... one the day before we move and one on the day we move.. I mean, they are important, but when one can count 12 "events" in the 3 weeks before Christmas, something has got to give, right?


RAMASYL said...

splendide......! et c'est peu dire!

Dúnia said...

Mi parabéns seu LO é um abuso de tão perfeito! nem fala em festas pré Natal, a gente já começou semana passada, e é uma atrás da outra rs.

Anonymous said...

Love it, girl!!!!!!!! He is adorable!!! I'm soooo behind on your blog... you're moving? Hope all is well with you :)! {HUGS!}


Meka said...

Great layout. Lucas looks like a happy little ball of energy. When you find yourself stressed, turn to him, give him a squeeze, and swipe some of his energy for yourself!

Miriam said...

Hi Michelle, just followed the link from OLW. Congratulations on winning with your gorgeous layout.

greetings from another fellow aussie ;)

Kely said...

Hi Michelle!
I Loved your work... it`s wonderful.
I loved the pictures too. Please... I woul like to know what camera do you use.
Thanks and my best regards for you and your family!
Kely (

Ana Amorim said...

Ai, como eu suspiro pelo Lucas, Mi! LINDO, LINDO, Benza Deus! Pirei neste layout! Coisa mais LINDA!

tortuemaori said...

wow it s fantastic, love all on this LO, and your son is really cute !