Monday, December 8, 2008

Playing with paper - Set 4

A friend "reminded" me I haven't created any new page templates for the shop in a while. Well, I am too busy creating free ones :) So here is my latest set of templates, for those who would like to support me (for you, Lu).

Playing with paper - set 4

Something curious about these pages, they "pair" with the pages I created for Pencil Lines. I like matching pages; they are not double pages, they just "go" together. I think it looks great in my albums :) So, every time I have a single page, I create a matching one. Here are the two pages of the template set above matched with my Pencil Lines pages:

in peace with nature the art of blowing bubbles

energy Look at the sky
(click on images for credits)
I like them matching like that, can't wait to start putting my 2008 album together and see these on print :)


I am moving this weekend, can I freak out now?

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domestic goddess said...

love these layouts!!
Hope the move is going smoothly and please can you tell me how to use a sketch template!!!
husg xx