Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Yep, it is finally here, the big three-o. Three decades :)

I owe photos of Mateus’ birthday, it was on Monday, a Ben Ten b-day at the park ~ He loved it!

Busy doesn’t cover how crazy it has been lately. I cancelled all my 30th b-day celebrations, I was just tired and most of my friends were tired too, so I decided that is not how I wanted to celebrate my 30th. I am going to do something extra nice in January once everyone is back from holidays and I am settled on my new place.

Today started off as any work day. Woke up early, went to work, couple of phone calls here and there, it was great talking to mom and grandma, I had a lot of missed calls during a meeting, part of life. For lunch everyone at work went to a Turkish restaurant. I was quite surprised by how cool it looked, never been there before and the food was awesome! Very pleasant surprise :)

IMG_2924 IMG_2881
IMG_2887 IMG_2888

I left late from there and by the time I got home it was past 3PM. I organized with hubby for him to pick up the kids, I wanted to get some “me” time and get started with editing the photos of the last few days (over 700 photos). He called me and asked me to check my mail, he sent me an invite to a blog. I was very puzzled, and then I had the biggest surprise of the day. Hubby has created a blog page for my 30th, for friends to leave messages on my birthday, how sweet is that? He has contacted some of my friends a month ago to let them know of the surprise (I am yet to find out how). I think it was the sweetest gift he could have given me, but I did love that he also got some buttons for me to use on my scrapbooking (he hates buttons, so it was an effort) and he got Mateus to choose some too :) I am blessed!


OK, it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t any scrapbooking news today, right? :) So, TODAY ONLY my products are 35% off at Little Dreamer Designs.

LDD sale - 35% off today only

I also have joined up with Tiffany Tillman to create a freebie, but again, it is only up for 24 hours.

LDD Christmas Freebie

Go grab it at the Little Dreamer Designs Blog.


I think this is it for me today. I have two new products but I don’t know if they will be uploaded in time for the sale, I will come back with links if they do :)

Hope you have a great day :)


Crissie said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it's wonderful :)

denali said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I'm all for celebrating such a wonderful person for an entire month, so bring it on! I hope you do something fabulous in January, and in the meantime enjoy the blessings of this insanely busy time of year as much as possible!

Cristina Tonon said...

Parabéns!!!! Com rostinho de 20 !
Feliz em saber que você teve/ esta tendo (problemas de fuso) um grande dia, cheio de surpresas e carinhos. Que sua vida continue assim cheia de amigos, família e Amor.

Mell Caetano said...

Feliz Aniversário Mocinha!!! Tudo de bom Hoje e SEMPRE ;)

Beijo, Beijo, Beijo,
Mell ;)

Nat said...


Parabéns querida!
Tudo de bom pra você, sempre, sempre!


Dúnia said...

Mi querida PARABÉNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muitas felicidas para você :) ache a coisa mais fofa do mundooooo o blog que seu marido fez, você merece!

amymom24 said...

Happy 30th, Michelle! Glad you had a great day and some wonderful gifts and surprises:)

Brenda Hurd said...

Happy Happy Birthday - seriously - your husband couldn't be more thoughtful - when i got the email i just couldn't beleive that he would think of that. So sweet!! Hope your day was wonderful!

Alice said...

Happy b-day Michelle ! I hope you had a great day ! And be sure to do something nice with your friend in January ! 30 is a big milestone !!! You have to celebrate.

soffy said...

Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz
Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz
Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz
Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz
Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz
Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz
cumpleanos!!!... (30 feliz)... i am glad i found your blog and since i am adict to look here and read and i am happy i can send you my best wish for you in your special day!!!.... i hope you find my messege at your bithday blog! ...
Have a happy day ... and a happy xmas time with your family...
I made so pretty things with the things i bought from your store!!
i have never did hibrid things before and afteri saw your things i am addict to do them!.. and i am in "bankrup" buying silk and paper flowers and as you i am crazy with real buttoms!! LOL ... On January i will show you what i did!!

a big hug from Colombia

amandajane said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I understand what an insane time it is right now, espcially here in Oz and Dec birthdays.

Paola*Péia said...

iiiiiiii Mega Blaster Feliz Aniversárioooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! tudo de bom e um ano cheio de bons momentos pra serem scrapeados que vc mega merece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beijos Péia

Ana Reis said...

Mi, eu passei a tarde fora de casa e me lembrei de você, mas acabei não ligando o computador quando cheguei. Meus parabéns querida !!! Adorei as fotos ! Parabéns ao Mateus tb !

Ai ! nem acredito que perdi a sua promoção, humpt. Menina... eu AMEI aquele LO do Lucas (Energy) que fofo, lindo, tudo de bom !

Mil beijos !

Sara x said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mushy!

Christine (supertwinkle) said...

Happy belated birthday Michelle!

Anonymous said...

MI! To atrasada, sumida, mas não podia deixar de vir te dar os parabéns!!!!!
MUITAS felicidades pra vc!
Cá! :**

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

happy birthday to you!!!
how great is your husband setting that blog up...he rocks!!!

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