Tuesday, September 2, 2008

feeling better + new templates

I am feeling much better, and I could almost say no one is sick around here but hubby is complaining of a stuffed nose hehehe :) The weather has improved a little and spring is in sight, I am really looking forward to it. Mac continues to be a ray of sunshine and apart for a little mischief here and there, she has been adorable!

I have been in a serious scrapping funk this last week, feeling too tired to unglue myself from the couch and come “do my thing”. I have loads to catch up though, so there will be lots to blog about for the month even if I don’t create anything new LOL (but I will!!)

I have a couple of new templates on the store:

Playing with paper - set 2

Playing with paper - set 1

I am pretty proud of those, they are simple, perfect for hybrid, but still my style of trying to imitate real paper. I have used them to create this little keepsake for my friend:


Ok, super busy day at work tomorrow so I guess I have to go to bed ;) Hope you have a great week!


Gabi Butcher said...

LINDOS Mi!!! Adorei! E seu presente ficou uma graça - bem real mesmo!
Parabéns pelos novos produtos... vi que tem foto de coisinha nova lá no Flickr tb...

Dani said...

Mi coisa mais linda!!Amei mesmo!!Fui ver o vídeo do cachorrinho...que delícia!!!Muito fofo!!Obrigada pela visita la no cantinho!!bjs!!

★° Natasha °★ said...

Mi, ficou lindo!!Sempre lindo!

adorei os templates!!!