Thursday, September 11, 2008

cards + new products

I have been trying to create more cards... I have trouble creating cards :) Some of my best "scrapping" friends are card makers and I just love everything they do, but I feel I have trouble getting the mojo right for card making. It might have something to do with giving it away, I don’t know.

So I decided to push myself :) and I have a challenge to make hybrid cards going on at the Little Dreamer Designs blog right now. Hybrid sure is the best way for me to create cards, I find it much easier to plan :) Have a look at these:

hybridcards1 hybrid card material

I just cut up all the pieces of paper, added a fabric alpha + ribbons, and voila:

hybrid card - bee happy hybrid card - u are love

And since I am talking about cards, let me share a couple more I created:

Happy Birthday Butterfly Card Lovely B-day card Happy Birthday Card Star Card

(credits on flickr)

A little update on Lucas, remember I was going to cut his milk? Well, the doctor was right and it worked. He was filling full from all the milk and now that he is not getting the bottle he is eating much better. The difference is incredible, like day and night. Actually, now he usually finishes dinner, and starts tapping on the fridge so I open it for him and he gets more food, usually yogurt, which is awesome because I need to make sure he eats lots of yogurt and cheese so he can get the calcium he needs. He is doing great :)

And before I go, I just wanted to share two products I have on the store that I have not posted here:

Hybrid Magic 10 - Mini Calendar

(watch for this one on the September issue of the Digital Artist Magazine)

Hybrid Magic 07 - Scalloped album

Thanks for stopping by :)


★° Natasha °★ said...

Quee lindos Mi!!


Anonymous said...

Mi, eu amei os calendários! Vc vai fazer em português? Tou de olho neles!
Beijos mil, amei os cartões!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow I just love your cards, what stamps did you use????