Monday, September 8, 2008

a break + I love your blog

So, I took a break from scrapping. Yes, two weeks without touching anything, no new pages, no new albums, no challenges, and lots of missed deadlines for magazine submissions (the only thing that bothered me during the this break). You would have never noticed it because I have a lot of projects I have finished but that I could not show at the time I created them. The fact is, I have not touched scrapping since the Stamping'Up party (and I don’t even consider that scrapping).

I took the break because hubby was jealous of/ or annoyed by my scrapbooking (yes, I guess it happens to every scrapper), and that simple fact killed my mojo. But this weekend my mojo kinda came back. I had a deadline with DAM and my mother in law is arriving next weekend, so I felt I needed to push myself and get it done before she is here. It was great to get back into it. I wasn’t feeling myself anymore :)

I have been tagged by two people with the “I love your blog” tag. I simply LOVE the work of them both. Brenda is an amazing paper scrapper and Kate really is the digi scrapping queen (as her blog address so eloquently points out). This has been extra special because when you look at the seven people these ladies picked, I just blushed to be considered amongst such talent. Made my day girls!!! Thank you so much!

Here are the rules:
1. If you’ve been tagged, you can put the logo on your blog.
2. Link the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.

Now, nominating is always hard for me because I am late with everything and everyone seems to be already picked :) I really like all the blogs I visit and actually there is a whole bunch of blogs that I just didn’t get around to adding to my blog list but that I also love. But anyway, here they are:

and to finish the post, a little kiss:

hope the Australians had a great father's day (it was yesterday here) and have a great weekend everyone!!!


Across the Miles Photography said...

You are way too sweet!!! xoxo!!!

I totally understand about the taking a break from scrapping thing. I haven't had time to scrap my lately, and it's killing me!

I'll try to get my blog updated today with my picks! :)

Lili said...

Obrigada, Mi!!! Logo, logo vou retribuir!! ;) Muitos beijos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO MUCH sweetie!!!!!!!! That means so much to me, coming from an awesome scrapper like you :)!!! I think you did the right thing taking a break to put family first. I have slowed down my scrapping quite a bit lately too. I do look forward to seeing your latest creations though :)!! - Jess

Ana said...

What? Two weeks without scrapping? That's so NOT you!!! heheheheh

Anonymous said...

Mii, obrigada!!!
Eu já te falei que vc é a fofa mor?!
Adorei!! Amanhã eu atualizo o blog! E volto aqui, pq não consegui ver o vídeo (meu pc tá morrendo Aiii)

Um beijo enooorme pra ti!

(Que coisa mais perfeitaaa esse álbum de castelo! Quando eu acho q vc já fez o máximo, aparece com essa! ai ai *suspiros*)

Malu said...

Oiii, oh eu invadindo teu cantinho!! tenho amado os albuns que tu tens feito, essa castelinho ta fofo demais!!!

Pena que não consegui ver o video :( !!!


Brenda Hurd said...

glad your mojo is sneaking back - my dh is so busy all the time and i still don't feel like i get enough scrapping time - good luck juggling and trying to find a balance.

Anonymous said...

Qtas saudades de vc amiga...nao some nao,sei que seu tempo e curto, mas sinto tua ausencia tah???Obrigada por td carinho, vc sabe que mora no meu coraçao e nao paga aluguel neh? É assim é amor:
piegas, de frases feitas, mas de sentimento verdadeiro (ui).
Te quiero amiga!!!!
Mimos sem fim!!!
Re Sales!
Sua fa numero 1