Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oh wow, so much going on!!! Did half the year really already passed? Gosh, I feel like I am so late with everything! I have not scrapped in two weeks, I am starting to feel nervous about it, when is the mojo coming back? I have deadlines LOL

I don’t know if you have notice the dramatic decrease in my scrapbooking “production” since I started hybrid scrapbooking. From around 20 digital pages a month to.... 5. Off course each hybrid project has like, 8 pages in it, but still, my 2008 album won’t be a thick as the 2007 one hehehe There are other reasons for that “decline”, that is why this post is entitled “changes”.

Anyway, the changes... mmm I just remembered that I can’t tell you the scrapping ones yet, bummer. I can tell you though that I have been paper scrapping and it has been aweeeeesome!!! Truly had no idea how much I missed it. Love my digi world but wow it is fun to mess with paint and glue and scissors, etc :) I am going to be sharing my pages here very soon!

There is a big personal change that I am very conflicted as to whether it is good or bad. I finally managed to get a full time spot for Lucas at the ChildCare and that means I am back at work on Wednesdays. I am still not sure why I did it, it is good because it looks like I get to keep my job, since there were cuts at work lately and I was worried that I might be chosen to go. The problem is that now I don’t have a day of the week to do the housework, scrap, meet friends, go to appointments, etc. I used to leave everything to Wednesday and now I am going to have to do these things at night and weekends.

I keep telling myself it is just for 6 months because next year Mateus will go to school every day and I am going to have to leave early to pick him up. But it will be hard to adapt.

I am still trying to organize my scrapping life, I have cut on forum participation to about once a week (miss it sooooo much!). I visit blog once a week, mainly people that visit me. I don’t have a perfect time to scrap anymore, so it will have to be some time during the hours I should be sleeping LOL. Now that I am paper scrapping I also organized a method as to not get overwhelmed with projects (please don’t laugh) Digi will for year in review albums, day to day memories I want to keep. Hybrid will be for little events and milestones, heartfelt gifts, etc. Paper scrapping will be just for fun... Does this line of thought makes any sense at all??? I am so silly sometimes :)

Lastly, my camera broke last week and I had to send it to be fixed in Sydney. They said 4-6 weeks........ what????? Yeah, no camera for that long, I am just dieing in here. I want my baby baaaack.

Well, while I don’t have my baby back maybe I will share a video I captured a little while back. 2 minutes of me bugging Mateus to tell me if he likes the t-shirt I created for him. I wanted him to say “I love my t-shirt” again (cause he said it when I gave it to him) but I didn’t want to prompt it hehe It is a good record of a nice moment anyway. He is so cheeky and cute :) loooves the camera.


Ana Reis said...

Essa vida é mesmo louca ! Uau... mas é bom tentar organizar mesmo pra não pirar né? Uma vez por semana pra visitr foruns e blogs ? Aff Mi... vc está conseguindo sobreviver ? rsrs
E a câmera ? Puxa... tomara que dê tudo certo e ela volte perfeitinha!
Realmente estou sentindo falta dos seus scraps, mas adorando seus híbridos !! Mateus é lindo ! Já te disse isso mais de vezes né? Mil beijocas

Anonymous said...

Changes everywhere... Eu tb tou cortando muito com a volta ao trabalho, mas sinto tanta falta de ficar com meu photoshop aberto o dia inteiro que até doi. Esses primeiros dias estão sendo fáceis pq ainda não liberaram minhas senhas pra trabalhar pesado mesmo e eu tenho acesso aos foruns, gmail, google reader daqui, massss... a mamata vai acabar daqui a pouco. E vamos levando, né?

Tou curiosa pra saber desses novos segredos!


whatkatiedid said...

Oooh the changes sound intriguing! I need to take a leaf out of your book and try and organise myself too, life is just totally chaotic at the moment!

Luciana de Barros Barreto Kuminek said...

Hi Mi, I'm so happy that you dropped by and the most important: that you liked it!!! You know, your opinion is the one:)
Thank you for being such a good friend and very supportive;)))


Penn Family said...

I can completely relate to you on changes around here! I am trying to learn how to balance everything & I don't think I'm succeeding very well! ACK!!

Just don't disappear from the digi world, ok? I'd be so sad not to have your inspiring works around me!!!