Monday, July 14, 2008

Color my world book

First of all, let me just thank all of you that have been coming here and reading my ramblings. Be it when I have a toot or when I am whining about something, everyone has been so supportive. THANK YOU! Even when you don’t leave a comment, I know the good vibes you send make a world of difference for me (especially to counter act the bad vibes I know I get!!! LOL) Also thanks to the girls sending me the url to their pages using my templates. It makes me really happy to see them (super incentive to create more too!) . Also, special thanks to Jen for giving me a brillant weblog prize :)

Do you remember the Color fun album I created for Amanda Heimann? I was feeling frustrated I didn’t create a hybrid project with it, like I usually do with these things, because I just ran out of time. It became one of those things that you are “going to do sometime” but because it is not top priority it never gets done... Well, Kelleigh did one album very similar to what I wanted to do and I feel somewhat accomplished that someone used the quickpages the way I intended hehehe

Thanks so much Kelleigh :) this made my day!

I have a new template ready for you, but I decided it need a little step by step on how to use the technique, so I will figure out how to show you and then post it here. Also, my quickpage album for LDD is ready, but it still needs a preview to go on the shoppe, so not there yet hehe, soon!!!

Hope you are have a great week!


Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Wow! Hee, hee! Thanks for posting this here! You made my DAY!!

Ana Reis said...

Uau, ficou lindo. Adorei o jeito como ela reciclou o livro, demais !


Dani Alencar said...

Oh my! What is that?!?! Amazing! Love it love it!

Dani Alencar said...

Esqueci de te mostrar a página que fiz.

Desde que vc mostrou essa foto no fórum TDC eu amei e guardei para scrappear. Só que ela está em baixa resolução, então fiz o lo direto no 600x600px... confesso que foi um trampo na questão das sombras... falta de costume. rsrs

Espero que goste!