Thursday, July 10, 2008


Oh wow, it is sooooo cold around here lately. Top of 9 degrees Celsius today but it feels like much less, the wind is unbelievable. And I saw this drizzle slowly falling to the ground today... I swear it looked like snow (that probably melted before it hit the floor).

It is school holiday around here, only two weeks, and it is close to the end of the first week. I took three days off work this week, but I haven’t had the courage to do anything because I just don’t want to leave home in this weather...ugh... lucky Mateus is happy to chill at home with me (he can be so sweet). Lucas, however, is still going to childcare, because he goes up the wall if he is stuck at home.

We are going through a bit of drama with Lucas right now because his doctor asked us to cut the bottle cold turkey. He is allowed to have milk, but it has to be from the sip cup. Well, he doesn’t like that at all, especially at bed time. It is a necessary evil. The doctor is concerned that he is not eating properly because he is full on milk. That is causing serious constipation problems and he is on medication daily to help with that. Poor little bugger is so tiny to be going through this, but he wouldn’t have to if he wasn't so stubborn... takes after mom and dad... what can we do? *shrug* I know we will get through it.

Onto scrapping news I am working on a quickpage album for this stunning kit by all the LDD designers.

Proceeds go into our changing of servers, it has an alpha from me in there :)

In other news, I managed to get another real life friend into scrapping. I am so excited that Luciana got into DIGI :) She is just starting but you can see in her gorgeous pages she has an eye for design and even before she knew what were blending options her pages looked great. If you have time please stop by her gallery at MSA and leave her some love :) It is great to have someone "real" I can talk too that actually understands why I "waste" my time posting pages in digi galleries... LOL (by the way, she is also a brazilian living in Canberra!)

On a side note, I had trouble finishing my previous post. My computer crashed and right click stoped working for a while (I can’t live without right clicking...). So I added about 10 more pages to the list yesterday and I think I might have missed a couple that I can’t find now. Going to have to research again LOL maybe later :) Plus I am sure there are more pages that I am not aware off :)

I have been getting messages even at DST that I should make more templates. I will surely have a look at my LOs and see if there are any worth doing. But I have noticed my pages are increasingly simple and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with something easy to replicate :) It is hard when you do well at something you want to keep the standard, but I don't think I will ever do better than I did with that "my boy" one LOL It was "beginner's luck" :) but there will be more templates, promise, maybe even on the next post :) In the meantime, I would recommend you have a look at this stunning template by Dúnia and there are many more on her blog.



Len said...

Wow! That is one beautiful kit you're working on! I love your templates :) Happy scrapping :)

whatkatiedid said...

Thank you for the link to Dunia's blog (such a cool template!) Looking forward to seeing your quickpage album, that's such a beautiful kit!

Oh and I sympathise with the milk issue, my DS would survive of just milk and bananas given the chance - best of luck stoppping the bottle.

Danielle said...

can't wait to see your quickpages with that gorgeous kit.. you will rock the,.. I know for sure. hugs! missed ya!