Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hybrid T-shirt Challenge

I am hosting a challenge at the Little Dreamer Designs blog. Have a look there for more examples or have a peek here. From the Little Dreamer Designs Blog:

For this challenge you will need a T-shirt, a fabric transfer paper, and an iron :)

Fabric transfer paper comes in two varieties, for dark fabric and for white fabric. Choose carefully as this will impact on your final result. Follow the transfer’s instructions carefully.

Five little steps to get you started:

1. Start by creating your digital design,
here is mine made with brushes from the Punked kit by Lori:


2. If you choose the transfer for white fabric you will need to flip your image, like so:
coolboyshirt copy
(DO NOT flip your image if you picked the dark fabric transfer paper)

3. Print your design into the transfer paper carefully following the instructions:

I used Inspired 4x6 White T-shirt transfers by Avery.

4. Iron on your transfer into the shirt:

5. Let the transfer cool before removing and voila:
IMG_6003 IMG_6007

Here is my little boy showing off his shirt:

IMG_6019 IMG_6016

Fun isn't it? Would love to see what you come up with :) there are two more weeks to play!


whatkatiedid said...

Oh my gosh what a fabulous t-shirt!! You've inspired me to track down some fabric transfer paper and create something for my kids, thank you!!

Alice said...

You have so many good ideas !!! Sounds like fun to make !!! I may try ....
Just wanted to let you know that i finally made a LO with your fantastic template !!! (It was about time !!! LOL) It was perfect for what i wanted to do. Here is the link :
Thank you again ! Take care

Ana Paula said...


Anonymous said...

Hi There!
I luvvvv your work!
Just had a few questions in regard to your Hybrid Kits!
Could you please email me at
Many Thanks

vinnie said...

Love the T-Shirt girl! you have such a cool style! I hope you get your camera back soon, its amazing how much we can feel lost with out our beloved camera's LOL! I hope you adjust smoothly to your new routine too, I'm sure you will have it figured out soon! I always look forward to seeing your projects! thank you for sharing them. HUGS!