Friday, January 11, 2008

real web friends

While in Brazil I did many many things. Visited family and friends and went to places I missed, ATE everything I wanted (or almost) but the coolest thing? I met dear brazilian digifriends :)

I met Paola Peia and Patricia Sampaio in december, just after the boys' party and just before going to my hometown. They came to my Mother in Law's place since I didn't have a car and was organizing my bags for the next day. Leo, Miza and Mateus played together while we chatted away. It was great to really *talk* face to face with them and to show my albums :) They are sweet sweet people and we talked about EVERYTHING, fromm food to travel to raising kids! After they left I kept thinking how cool it would be to live close to friends like that :) Here are some pictures:

with the (unwilling) kids

just the amazing scrappers ;)

thanks for coming girls! you rock! I had a blast :)

(photos edited in Photoshop, I used Midnight Sepia action available here.)


Anonymous said...

Poxa... agora fiquei eu mais triste por não ter te conhecido... MAS bacanérrimo vc. ter encontrado as duas e trocado este tanto de figurinhas! Quem sabe na próxima...



Katrina said...

So glad you are back :) You've been missed! Oh how I wish we lived close enough so our boys could play and we could chat!