Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little better + some pages

I got a place at a good childcare close to my suburb. It is a new place, it is pretty, it looks organised, and they gave me a place... now I just need to get to know them and find out if they are good people, and if they are going to take care of Lucas. They gave me only two days to start with, but Matty is going to pre-school only two days anyway, so it works.
I called my boss and explained the situation, but I still have no idea on what to do with Mateus during school breaks, and I also heard horrid things about after school care around here, so I might have to work only half day. I’ll just wait and see how it goes, I know I am doing my best, I should stop stressing about it... On that note:

Here is an AAM page I did for The Digichick Creative Team:

And a page with Jofia’s Designs (also for The Digichick):

I think this one was one of my favorite photos of 2007, the second I saw it I knew the page title and what I wanted to do with it :)
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Anonymous said...

Menina... que dificuldade... pensei que só aqui a gente panava com estas coisas.
Espero que tudo 'work out'!!!

Adorei os LO's.



Nani said...

Michelle, muito obrigada pela delicadeza de recolocar o calendario para mim. E tao rapido !!!
Adorei sua visita !
Vou adiconar vc.

Dúnia said...

Lindíssimo os LOs, para variar né? acabei de ver um super ultra mega blater no SA, você arrasa Mi!!!

Anonymous said...

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