Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aninha Reis and Me

Look at us together, aren’t we pretty? LOL Well, we are :)
Aninha Reis was suuuuuuuuper cute and came all the way from her city to São Paulo to see me (and do other things, but still, there was ME hehe) I felt like we have know each other for the longest time, yet, we just started chatting online last year. We are part of Scrapblog and our team has a forum for day to day organization, ideas and, off course, chat. She just had a baby, Arthur, which is the cutest thing and the calmest baby I have ever held. Her eldest, André, was the perfect match for Mateus, they played like brothers, but they didn’t stop one second so we didn’t get a good picture of them together, but here is one of *almost* all of us.

Unfortunately Lucas was not there, he was at the hospital for a throat infection, poor thing :( When Aninha left, I really felt like we didn’t chat enough, that I still had lots more to say. It was like meeting an old friend and you just want to tell them everything that ever happened to you and is so curious about them too, you know? I can’t wait to meet the other girls. Pity we live so far, but... someday :)
(oh, if you are wondering, these two pictures were edited in Lightroom and I used the "Dream" preset by Kelsey Smith, loving these!)


Ana said...

Ela voltou!!!!! Tava com saudade, Mi... lindas as fotos, os efeitos das fotos!

Ana Reis said...

Ei Mi, adorei que escreveu da gente, consegui entender quase tudo hehe