Sunday, August 19, 2007

CT work and actual family news

Fun news on the scrapping side of life (after all, now, that is what this blog is all about, right? LOL) Most of what I have been doing for SMJ I can’t tell you because it is a secret ;) (products not released yet) but I think you are going to LOVE it :) but on the news I can tell you: I have joined Amanda Heinman’s creative team. I have joined Amanda Heimann’s creative team. Two of my team mates from Scrapblog have joined Amanda’s team as well, Mic and Ana Calabresi, how cool is that? and Amanda herself is on Traci Reed’s creative team with me, and there are lots of other scrappers in the team I really admire, so it is a good group of people I KNOW :) Amanda is so talented; I feel there will be loads of fun ahead :) Here is my first eye candy for her:

(click image for credits and journaling)

So, as you can see, Lucas turned 9 months… 9 months? Now he has officially existed more time outside me, wow! I don’t understand why time is just disappearing like that, is it because I am at home with the kids? It sure feels I have not achieved anything tangible at the end of day, except when I do housework, which doesn’t help either if you think tomorrow there will another loud of laundry to do. Well at the end of the day, I have happy kids, I think that is all that matters, don’t you agree? :)


Katrina said...

Happy kids and happy mom...most important of all!

Loved this page :)

Line Prado said...

Qta novidade legal Mi!!!
parabéns a vc e as meninas pelos novos ct's!!!

Patricia said...

Seus Los são simplesmente deslumbrantes, Michelle! :)
Adorei cada um que vi em seu blog!
Parabéns, querida!
Passei também para agradecer a você, que sempre visita o meu cantinho! Muito obrigada pelo carinho! ;)
Beijo grande,

Anonymous said...

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