Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lucas is 2 years old

Does anyone know how to teach kids to SLOW DOWN and be kids for a little longer? They grow so fast!!! I am telling it fells like yesterday I was pregnant playing Warcraft and wondering if Lucas was ever going to come :)

It was a super fast natural birth and we were back home that same day, 19/11/06. Then and there I should have realised things would move faster with this little munchkin. He does everything a little earlier than Mateus did. I guess he has his older brother to learn from.

We had a busy day today. I left for work he was still sleeping. But I left work earlier than usual to celebrate his birthday with his friends at childcare and Mateus also joined in (he goes to the same place Mon-Wed). Here are some photos:

Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

Lucas' 2nd birthday Lucas' 2nd birthday

He loved it. I think he got it was HIS day, his moment. He was very excited and loved the cake.

We went back home and got ready for another party with just a couple of closer friends. The party finished 9PM, wow, everyone crashed shortly after (except this crazy lady that insisted she needed a birthday post for this little one).

I’ll come back some other time with a page with the other party's photos. Now, I should really get some sleep, another big day at work and I don’t get to leave early again :)



.:Carola }i{:. said...

Awww ... he is such a sweet little boy. God bless x
Happy Birthday little chap!

Thais said...

Happy Birthday for you little boy!!! We can see the happiness on his face!!!

soffy said...

hAPPY DAY LUCAS!!... thanks for be so sweet boy and your bother too!!.... Michele you need to show your 30 bithday pics too!!!... please!! a big hug for you and your little kid!!... i left a messege at your bithday blog! ... thanks for all you share here .... you are really special woman... talent one and so good mother!.. ahug from Colombia... Soffy the adic to your scarpbooks things!

Alice said...

Happy b-day to your little one !!! He looks so happy !!!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

happy bday to your little man!!!
he is one day after me.....good stuff!!

Ana Reis said...

Que querido !! Parabéns ! As fotos estão lindas e ele parece tão feliz ! Um fofo !

Me diga, vc está vendendo aquela casa do post de baixo, que linda e espaçosa !

Mil beijos

Ana Amorim said...

Que bolo lindo, Mushy! Puxa... perdi mesmo a festa. Lucas está um GATo, super parecido com o Mateus... parabéns atrasado e um beijo nos meninos!